The ALL of YOU

spiritual moment

The “you” that you believe you are has nothing to do with your personality. Yes, how you react becomes a reaction. How you act becomes the action. But the you that you are is a soul consisting of divine essence. You get to choose the thoughts. You become those choices. If it doesn’t work, change. If you can’t stay, move. You are not a tree rooted deeply in the earth. You have will. You have choices. You have the conscious power to do anything. It is definitely easier said than done but start somewhere. You are the infinite you that has lived and will continue to live pass this moment. Your love, achievements, failures and every aspect of the ego have made you the human version that you think you are. But, you are much more than this. You are a super consciousness that has evolved to love beyond everything else. You are the change you crave to see in this world. It starts with the real YOU. Go do something with that. Embrace that YOU that is waiting acknowledgment. And begin to witness the miracles happen before you. You are limitless, perfection, pure Divinity and love. You are God. You are Oneness. There is no separation. You have created a belief programming that assures lacking rather than abundance. Today, know your Dharma. Remember your truth. Stop retelling the stories of the past.  They brought you here but do not make for the future events.  You get to pick the path, you get to trail blaze the future, and you get to manifest all that you want. Be the magnificent self that you intended to be when you arrived here. We are born knowing all…somewhere along the way we forget our reality. Along the process we have been conditioned to “fit in,” be “normal,” and adhere to to social status.  This is NOT WHO YOU ARE. You are ALL!  You are the grace of Christ, the embodiment of God, the Oneness of the universe.  You got this! No one else can do this for you but YOU! Now…go do some amazing things today with your authentic self. See how freaking AWEsome you will feel!

“Know that you are forever, that you have never failed, and that the only thing you have ever done wrong is believing that you have done something wrong.” – Ramtha

Onion Dust

Conversation about manly cooking.

Me:  Matt, you want me to make you the eggs while you cook the hash?

Matt:  Nope.  I’m gonna throw them in there when the hash is done.

Me:  I can cook them separately.  How can they cook in there?

Matt:  They cook!  It’s the manly way of cooking all in one pot.

Me:  Too bad you don’t like onions and tomatoes.  I could make you something delicious with that.

Matt:  Hey, babe, I throw the onion dust in there!

Me:  What?  Is that like fairy dust?  O-n-i-o-n dust?  Is there a Godmother who comes and brings it? (Laughing hysterically)

Matt:  Yeah, the onion powder shit….

He’s not allowed to cook for me with his onion dust unless there’s a fairy Godmother granting me some wishes.  “OMG!”


The most dangerous risk we can take is the risk of not laughing at ourselves.  If we allow ego to dictate every moment with seriousness we are lost.  This is the same risk of denying yourself the simplicity of joy.  I am aware that life can (and will) throw things at us that bring imbalance.  I am completely aware that finances, illnesses, divorces, death, and a million other challenges can (and will) break us.  But, there has to be a point when the scales return to their upright positions.  Not everything can be lopsided.  Life is not meant for a constant struggle.  We choose how we live and perceive in this world.

I am one of the most sincere people when it comes to laughter.  It’s not that I take every situation and poke fun.  I think it is a part of me to inhale grace and joy and then exhale the negativity.  It takes less effort to stay in a place of contentment than a place of torment.  What happens when we remain in darkness is that the light gets further from our spirit.  My wit sometimes could use filtering but I believe it is Spirit truly engaging in the moment.  Luckily I have found a mate who is the same.  I am fortunate that I have friends who get my sarcasm and laughter.  I am often the point of being poked at for my silliness.  And, that alone brings some awkward moments to rise with loving vibrations. I am the first one to make fun of myself.  I walk around sometimes talking out loud and giggling at the most ridiculous memories.   There are times, however, that I can also be hard on myself.  It is in those moments that I need these friends to remind me that I have to remove the stick from my ass and return to my realm of contentment.

Contentment is contagious, generous, and captivating.  It reels you in on an invisible string from the heavens and allows gratification to be the bait that gets you every second.  What one does with it is miraculous.  It becomes part of my spiritual evolution.  I can see it in the darkest of moments, a bad day, or stress being erased by its humility.  That is what forces me to reside in this realm.  It’s joy that comes through and through while being on an infinite quest for peace.  It is my state of being whole-listic and constantly growing in our times with Divine guidance.  I rarely take anything serious.  Whether it involves fairy powder or onion dust, I plan on laughing up a storm…as long as I can.