magical mirror

Standing in front of
the bathroom mirror
a glimpse of

a gray haired
caught my vision.
I looked into her eyes
noticing the gentle
laugh lines,

the joyous

dance inside the pupils
as we both smiled,
“Hello, lady, life is being kind!”


I continued to wash my hands
noticing the age spots–
the wear and tear,
nudges of hard work
and we smiled again
reflecting each other
in remembrance of
many journeys,
“Ah, we’ve touched and loved
deeply with these!”


One last look into the glass
winking in delight,
throwing a playful kiss

acknowledging the essence,
“I’m so glad you are

with me on this path.”


A moment of soul-ness
stood behind,

shadows cast in the

infinite space of mirror

and mind….

I knew Divinity was
guiding the tenderness

with the Oneness of all

  life has taught me to be.

Come to Me

I whisper to the open

beyond what eyes can see,

“Come to me,”

and a plea of surrender overwhelms

with chills,


and light

allowing that which needs support

to come through

taking into another world

the lack of control.


“Come to me,”

I say knowing what I know

because I understand the truth

that we are here to learn

right from wrong

in a field of hope, compassion, and faith.


I hear the answer whispered from Spirit,

“I am in you,

I am you,

love is all there is.”

A Petition

 It is perhaps the cold wind


your skin,

chilling the spirit

as it warms your heart

in complete silence

but with an assurance

beyond the known

while few words can give gratitude

for the sky opening         clearly,

the rain falling            quickly,

 the world gently           finding

             stillness in a moment.

And in these words,

a prayer,

a petition of grace,

 is born

from the heart



a certainty

for all that cannot be seen

but felt from beyond.

It is then,

and only then,

that you feel

Divinity kiss you

in your spirit

in a way that love

was meant to be understood

and recognized.

Captivating Bodhi

Sun reclaiming sky

I opened my eyes

to the darkness

of solitude.

Compassion walked in,

Truth followed,

and together they laid

warming my chill,

embracing the vastness of silence.

I began whispering to Love,

awakening my spirit

to this bewitching freedom.

They engulfed me with light,

without questions,

welcoming the morning hours

as the sun reclaimed the sky.

Finally, I breathed with ease…

this is the life

I dreamed about a zillion moments


in an older version of myself.

I am home…

I am.

Secrets of a Joyful Journey


Look at you

trying to carry the world

on your shoulders

while feeling unhappiness,

sharing sad stories,

playing the martyr

in this drama of life.

You are only responsible for you

and all that you create

in your life.

Don’t you know that you get

to choose your thoughts?

Don’t you get that

each emotion

is of your creation?

You want a decent life?

You want peace, faith, and security?

You first have to get out of

your thoughts,

your past beliefs of control,

and finally trust in the mysteries of the Universe.

Step out into the unknown,

live simple and consciously.

Laugh until joy sheds tears

cleaning your face of turmoil,

mapping the outline of divinity.

Love everyone

as they are, even those who’ve

hurt your inner core.

They played their role

in teaching you about

strength, acceptance, and worth.

Forgive yourself,

and then the rest will fade

into a mystical abyss.

Don’t look into the mirror of the past,

focus on the road ahead…

you will never be able

to make a U-turn.

If you are compelled to judge,

take a look at your imperfections first,

witness their beauty,

and accept all the lessons

they have taught you.

When you speak

first let a smile

polish your teeth,

breathe deeply,

and use comforting words,

even in the darkest moments

the sound of sweetness

can light the way.

The world won’t feel so heavy

and eventually you will not

be carrying it on your shoulders

because you will have

become the world

and all who inhabit it.

Serenity of One

Hush.  shhh!

Listen. ahhh!

Honor this moment in time.

Silence is my companion

echoing through the space

of this house.

It sits drinking light

watching the incense burn

dancing through its smoke

fluttering to the candle’s aura.

The prayer wheel turns,

round and round,

circling the world,

sending out

to the masses

wishes of hope and peace.

The fireplace crackles,

bringing warmth


and I feel the sacredness

loving me gently.

In this stillness

there is absolute


of blessings,



This presence is all there is

and I close my eyes

to go deeper,



into the abyss

of my spirit.

With each moment

of breath,

the heart gently vibrates

and I exhale

as awareness takes me

until I am cradled

in the arms of divinity






The Doorway to You

We come in and out

of so many realms:


fantasy land,


never-never land,

altered spaces…

to find the veil

of what we know

being pushed opened

to places beyond

the imagination.


Enter without knocking.

Walk over the threshold

without fear.

Find a seat on the ground.

Close your eyes

and let faith be

the guiding light

as you merge with the unknown.


The doorway to your subconscious

has no keys,

it’s never locked.

With patience,


deep breathing,

you will find Divinity

sitting with you

in peace and serenity…

you will meet the truth

of who you are.

Intentions of Purpose


In the quietness

I find myself

awkwardly infusing

trying to make sense…


In the silence

I find God

waiting for my return

to the union

of spirit and self…


In the solitude

I find the Universe

engulfing me,

weaving the cascades

of humanity,

encompassing all…


In the peace

I find me

and all that’s not

in the here and there

of the world

full of illusions

when nothing seems real…


except the light of the Divine

holding me

through the essence of all

that is love.

Forest of the Unknown

I will bend and move
As nature 
The way a tree 
Moves and bends
With winds,
Storms and rain
In the forest.  
I will be flexible,
Patient and easy
Regardless of weather and terrain. 
In your darkness
I will be light. 
In your sunlight 
I will be a shadow. 
There is no race
Or competition
Or even the need for
Things just are
Magically intertwined
Here in the unknown. 
Let me be a true presence. 
Let me bend, move,
Adjust and mend
In your space. 
We are the sum
Of our journey
And the totality
Of our joined experiences. 
You and I,
Them and us,
Melted into a forest
Of the unknown-
A landscape of constant
And love.

The Secret

 hands of time

Come close.

I want to share a secret.

I love you!

I don’t know you well, but that doesn’t matter.

I love you for being here, listening,

reading, and being a part of my existence.

We are from different backgrounds, worlds apart,

have nothing in common, but I still love you.

Everything that breathes shares in my life.

Look at that tree.  See the leaves moving?

I love it too. 

Look at the ground: muddy, chaotic, smelly…

that’s one of my favorite loves.

Check out the dog chasing the cat.  Yes…smile. 

There’s a real Tom and Jerry.  I love them too.

The man over there lying with a cup by him on the station floor?  Him too.

The woman talking to herself?  Yes, she’s my love as well.

Oh, the nasty personality at the convenient store?  Yeah…he resides in me.

And, that teenager over there plotting and scheming with a knife…

he is definitely my love.

It doesn’t matter what and who you believe, I still love you.

We may never see eye to eye but that won’t stop me from sending you prayers,

wishing you well, and loving you for the soul you are here on earth.

We are all here on a cosmic journey.  We’ve traveled far and wide together.

Our geography is different.  Our lives share no comparisons.

Our paths have alternate endings.  Our stories might never intertwine.

But, why complicate things with boundaries, lines of prejudice and bigotry?

The only reason we are here is to learn, experience and love. 

So, I refuse to fail this test.

Want to know the secret of my journey?

It’s you,



and them.  We are all in this together.

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life

even if it’s with a glance, a word, or in joining our biographies.

My life is not the same without you.