Spring is here…allow for the rebirth of creation.

Spring is re-birthing! I am so happy. I believe in the cosmic changes that are happening behind our emotions. I believe mostly in my feelings and how my “knowing” had been clouded for some time. One minute I am elated. The next one I am curled up sobbing. It’s like cosmic-alternative-schizoaffective disorder.

I see change happening quickly. I see my life transforming towards a way I never thought it would just a year ago. We all live by our choices. The way we become truthful to our desires is the way we expand and evolve. But, this is the time to get with your truth.

And this place in time…right now…is all about truth. It’s about coming into your knowing and acceptance. It’s about embracing your authenticity. No more putting yourself on hold in order to make others happy. You need to be in your true essence and it will flow onto everyone else.

Sometimes we get stagnant and stuck because we are afraid of what others think. At other times we must retrieve and feel the changes, ask for guidance and then proceed with what is best for us. It’s when we don’t follow anything and we just keep wishing, without action, that we do ourselves a huge injustice.

Choices change our lives profoundly. Every decision we make is a ripple that leads to a path in life. We make choices to mend broken hearts, move, restart and reinvent ourselves, relationships, change of careers, and many other assignments that provide for our journey. I have trusted God/Divine Guidance to lead. I have stopped when I have seen signs ahead. It’s not always been this way. I know now when the little voice whispers to listen. Whenever I ignore it I get sick (that’s my body telling me I need to listen to guidance). I am reminded that I have all the answers within me but I must trust. I must be guided by faith but also do my part to make things happen. It’s unfair to my higher self to just ask and not put effort into action. And, it’s a tremendous unrealistic expectation that will never be met.

Each one of us have different dreams. We have millions of stories that may run parallel to one another but no one can choose for you to be happy. You must find that within yourself. Just like spring, there is a rebirth waiting for us. It’s time to create a new story or just write a new chapter to the old one. Make out your lists, your wishes and allow the cosmos, and whatever else you call upon, to help you manifest those things that will bring you joy again. Allow for rebirth of creation! You got this!


It’s been an extra lovely day. There is something powerful about spring. It’s as if the soul begins purging and seeing things in a new uncluttered light. I feel the openness in all great possibilities now and ahead. This is my favorite time of the year. This is exciting!

It’s as Gandhi said, “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

There is belief and knowing pumping through every particle of our existence. Feel it? It’s there! It’s here! It’s YOU! Spring into newness and yumminess. You can do anything you want when you manifest it and believe. Live out your dreams and don’t stop there…live out your fairy tales as well. Have a wonderful evening dear sweet souls. Raise your hearts to the endless possibilities ahead. You are not paralyzed by fear because that’s an illusion. Move through your yearnings. Yes! Yes! YESSSS! Jump into the unknown and don’t look back! ~m.a.p.

Surprise in the season

Spring is here in full bloom. Green buds occupy the yard on every tree creating a sense of magic. We’ve moved to the city. Yesterday allowed me to close a powerful chapter in my life. Having lived on a mountain for almost 7 years I was ready. Our yard is a blank canvas full of possibilities and the flowers blooming are enticing me to finish putting things away, get settled into this new life, and head outside.

As a child my mother did not like me going out and getting dirty. I was one of those kids that loved to make mud pies and dig in the dirt. I was always the black sheep of the family, the one who danced to her own tunes which no one ever heard. I was the one who would speak to anyone, make friends with the garbage man and the utility folks. But, fear always lurked in the distance due to a family that has always been rather reserved and afraid of stepping into the unknown. I feel for them because they are missing out on the joys of serendipity and spontaneity. They are not allowing their natural state of being to direct them to feel the earth within themselves.

Now, at this moment, I sit in my new nook and office staring outside. The landscape is filling up. Each morning the trees birth more leaves. Flowers give out the fragrance of memories. The skies are lovelier. Sunrises and sunsets have purples and pinks. The breeze is softer. The earth is enriched with such ease. I am always surprised by this time of year in North Carolina. We don’t have significant changing of seasons in Florida. So, this to me, around my birthday, always feels like a giant gift from the universe.

Birth is here. It’s all around us. It’s within us. All we have to do is step out of our little dramas and notice the beauty of this season. It’s time for mud pies, gardening, creating and nesting. It’s that time of year that draws me outward and allows for me to sigh…in relief for all that winter had me endure.

May you continue growing just like the trees, leaves, flowers, grass, and nature around you. Find the its rhythm and follow that. It’s magical and mystical. It’s why we are here. Nothing to change, nothing to force, nothing to do but allow things to move in their Divine order. Breathe…deeply with love and compassion.

Have a great week, darlings! Make it sparkly, glittery, and yummilicious…Millie

Ode to Spring


Through the mist,

cradled outside the tunnel of light,

I leave behind the winter

and now reside in the shadows of spring.

Shades of change awaiting rebirth

as the path from dark turns to light

in beautiful calmness and clearing

of all waking dreams.

Pleasant afternoons with evening magic

resurface under a canopy of blue and mystical skies.

It’s like sleep walking through seasons

of golden serenity

while watching the metamorphosis of nature —

spring bursting out in orchards, blooming, blossoming.

Southern mystery bathes in spring rain,

and the oak trees salute in glory,

the dogwood in angelic modes,

the tulips in rainbow vibrancy,

all in moments of perfect beauty captured in fields of solitude.

I want to meet you there

kindly enticing me to awake from slumber.

Pillars of bark and leaves align them selves

calling the sun, teasing it through and through.

Imagine the depth of each bloom,

the secret of each blade,

the breath of each life

the sound of every birth.

This takes me, pulls me, enfolds me

with reflections of green on a canvas of nature

allowing me to forget the length and mystery of its arrival.

I am born again.

Sun Worship

Heat sits on my skin
Forming a bubble of comfort.
It has been too long
Since my bare shoulders,
Naked legs,
Felt such warm embrace,
The tingling of fire
Radiating from freckles,
Scars and pale flesh.
To be touched so deliciously
With tropical air blowing
At every hair,
Eyes closed,
My face saluting the
Sun Goddess,
“I have missed you, my friend.
We can’t be separated for
This long ever again.”

Welcoming Rebirth!

rebirth on top of the worldYesterday morning I once again trekked up the mountain (for the second time this week) as the sun was catching up with midday.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful and welcoming to those who love being outdoors.  It has been a rough winter.  The weather has been mild but the winter in my life has been tumultuous this season.  Mind, body and spirit have grown and expanded.  Chapters to my past have been forced to close.  New books have been written.  It’s been quite a challenging experience.  With each step up the mountain I recall the adventure.

Walking up the trails through the forest, naked from the draping of leaves, I see the changes arriving.  Because of the mild winter, plants that would be birthing in a month have been showing signs through the soil.  And, I am grateful for this introduction.  I am living an inspiration through witnessing the evolution of this new season.  I get giddy at the thought of warmth touching my unclothed shoulders.

The depth of solitude through winter is painful.  I don’t like this season.  I need sun, torridity, the ability to climb a mountain every morning without the fear of being found frozen up on a summit.  I need restoration.   I need to shed the extra insulation on my body.  I need to find that muse that climbs with me every morning and allows my thoughts to surf through all of me.  It is my time with God.

I don’t fear change anymore.  I try to embrace it.  I allow it to be the substance that moves me into a new adventure.  This is why hiking is a passion.  I must trust my intuition and let the forest guide me.  This winter has been about letting the forest in me, which has been more like a crazy maze, teach me how to let go.  This has been the thirdriverlife winter in North Carolina.  I am learning to navigate the climate.

I once read somewhere that fear is the child of selfishness and ignorance.  Winter creates a wickedly misbehaved child in me.  And, the parents – Selfishness and Ignorance – are not welcomed into my world. There is a constant tug and war with letting go.  Winter forces me to deal with issues that any other time in the year I ignore because I keep busy.  I feel un-energized during this time.  And, the expansion in me is not something I feel comfortable, literally with my body and mind.

There is rebirth.  Spring is knocking.  I am looking forward to the growth of nature and the loving changes in me.  There is nothing like uncovering the layers of solitude and releasing it all to a new season.    As Robin Williams says, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”