Show up and be…

showing up

When I was in my first year of college I took British Literature.  I had an amazing professor.  He never took attendance or gave out tests until the end of the semester.  His only policy was “show up and be present and I promise you will be entertained.”  His strong British accent was charming.  The classes were remarkably full.  Students had to get there early enough to get a good seat.  He didn’t take attendance but the classes seem to increase with every passing day.  He explained that he wasn’t a babysitter.  He was there to do his job and get paid.  Our responsibility was to show up and learn to see the world in a different light.  Instead of studying about Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and other great writers he taught us about British lyrics (but always bringing it back to the past and these writers).  He made us see music and other media forms as literature.  This is way before the internet so there was no cheating in reference to what could happen within his hour and a half lectures.  His way of dissecting the world through words was fascinating.  And, his form of teaching adults, rather than teenagers was endearing.  It pushed us to take notice that we were responsible only for ourselves after leaving the harsh world of structure in childhood.

Show up and be present: such a simple policy!  We are asked every day to show up and be present in our lives through every breath.  We are only expected to learn, love and live through every moment.  This simplicity is perhaps too juvenile for us to follow.  Showing up and being completely present would require us to remove ego and allow the Divine to be the guide.  It would also relinquish the stagnation of having to follow rigidity and complexity.   Accepting things as they happen would collaborate with our higher selves (and purpose) in a way that is magical.

We are asked to attend our lives with beauty, awareness, compassion and faith.  Somehow even while given such freedom to do whatever we want we complicate the journey.  Going from high school into college without structure of being told what to do can be daunting, but in this literature class it was pure joy.  No one wanted to miss the opportunity to learn.  Imagine that!  No hardcore structure, yet learning was made fun.  This is truly the way we are to live our lives.  The manner in which we establish our presence is always so uncompromising, inflexible and single minded at times.

What could happen if we allow God to do the job?  What could happen if you got out of your own way for once and allow Presence to guide you?  What would it look like if you showed up and enjoyed the process instead of partaking in restrictions of what to do and not do?  I bet we would be amazed.  I am sure we would live for the joy of living and not having to attend one more day with ingratitude.  Let’s just try it for a bit! SHOW UP! Be present in your existence. Remove the masks, old beliefs, and be authentic.  Listen to your inner guidance when it’s time to slow down and smell the roses. Living is a privilege so take advantage of the adventures.



sun reclaiming skyI love days like this

when to look out the bedroom window

becomes a gift in witnessing

the dance and symphony

between life and nature

over the pond into the distance

of other lives, mountains, and emptiness.

I sit in awed and marvel

between this moment and the next

curled up on my bed.

This overcast is a reminder

to go within quietness —

the vast stillness —

as it engulfs me in one second.

I am in love.

I am in complete surrender

of cool wetness

and so very grateful that I can be here

to travel the journey between

God and the earth

all while closing my eyes

and whispering a single prayer.

The Road of Consciousness

The noted and the unknown

have meshed up

without intertwining in consciousness

as if the Creator has released all,

and came to teach me stillness.

Is emptiness supposed to be felt

with such awkwardness

and with no desire to fill up?

I no longer take someone else’s

emotional body, physical shortcomings,

but move above

as if time and space appeared on a cloud

and I flew off on it.

I am a vacant body

full of emotion,

but have no feelings,

with a separation of pain and pleasure.

How is this possible to contradict without

either being accessible to me?

It’s as if my conscious mind has twittered

and expanded as I see the bubble of the world

all in some quantum unity.

Is it the physics of science that has

carried belief all of these years?

I am still here

but I am not.

I am still me,

but I am not.

I am the truth

in the question.