Moments of Reflections

Not too long ago Sunday’s meant work. They meant cleaning out a motel/retreat center all day long. They meant loads and loads of laundry. They meant exhaustion, isolation, and anxiety. Sunday’s became that one day a week that I dreaded to enter into every weekend. It never failed, it was that one day that also brought contemplation and lessons. In all that cleaning I reflected and often times dealt with issues that required sacred attention. With each person who checked out, I experienced their energy. Sometimes this was overwhelming. Other times it was the breath that finally exhaled after a busy weekend of holding it in making sure everything was wonderful for our guests. 
The hospitality business is magical because you get to meet folks from all over the world. It’s also depleting when you give so much of yourself 24/7. But, Sunday was the day that I began to breathe for the next five or so days.  

Today I woke to a quiet morning. Our little girl slept all night long, breaking the two-week run of interrupted sleep. Even when we don’t sleep I wouldn’t trade those other Sunday’s for the peace of knowing I can do whatever I want to today. I don’t have to be dressed at 6AM waiting for anyone to come to the door. I don’t have to leave the house. I am able to do whatever needs doing and whatever doesn’t require immediate attention to wait for another day.

We create our own imprisonments by the decisions we make in our lives: jobs, relationships, circumstances, obstacles, finances, family, etc. But, you get to decide how you react to those situations. You might not be able to change the circumstances at the moment, but you get to decide how you react and entertain those events. 



Sundays are sacred. 

They require you to prepare for another week, gather your thoughts, and rest. Make today magical. Make it a form of enjoyment that will be remembered. You are not required to fix anything about your life today. You are not expected to decide what to do tomorrow. Just be in the moment of NOW. Go Be in nature and recharge. Happy Sunday, darlings!!!!

You Cannot Make Everyone Happy


It’s Sunday…yay! Most people go to church on this sacred day. Others, like myself, sit outside in nature and give thanks for all we have. This week I have seen some difficult shit on social media. My love-hate relationship with social media is ongoing and disturbing. Just when I think I have someone figured out they post something that is really ignorant or against my beliefs. And, that’s more than okay because I have two choices: I can feel gratitude for their lessons, or get angry and disconnect from them. I rarely ever do the latter. I think people come into our lives for powerful reasons, to nourish the things we like and the things we don’t want to become. We have choices in perception that bleed through our conscious efforts to vibrate at a higher or lower level of existence. (The non-hippies should stop reading now!)

You cannot make everyone happy. I rarely read comments on other sites, but when something moves me I think, “Hey, let me see what others like me are saying about this incredible post.” Oh my freaking gawd! I get turned upside down, right side up, and appalled at how something that is spiritually enriching can be degraded, criticized and scrutinized. That’s when I throw my hands up in the air and recognize that you cannot make the world happy with one thought. We need different ideas and opinions. We would be a boring bunch if we all thought alike. Right?

My mother used to say in Spanish all the time that opinions were like colors. There would always be endless amount of them. No two folks can think alike. We can tweak and twist what we like from others. The challenge comes in not allowing another’s opinions and criticism hurt your mojo and state of awareness. You cannot change anyone. You are only responsible for you!

On this magical Sunday, go out into the world and recognize that you cannot and will not make every single person think like you. I see fairies at night. I see dead people walking among others. If another person doesn’t see what I see I don’t go around thinking, “How can you not see them, you idiot?” I simply smile and recognize that this is who I am. They have other gifts that nourish me. Your only job in this world is to be authentic with who you are. Don’t try to be the jack-ass whisperer and change someone else’s thoughts and ideas. You need to make you happy. Live by example.

Recognize YOUR greatness and follow that. You don’t have to read what I write anymore than I have to agree with what you post. It’s okay. We all need a good laugh!!!!

Have a blessed day!