Beyond the Light

Morning Majesty taken on Blue Ridge ParkwaySunrise –

the world is full of promise,
possibilities still lie discarded
by any illusion of the mind.
I watch light enter day,
erasing the darkness,
breathing hope
through the sounds
of Earth stretching
and clearing the fog
from uncertainties.

The dance between

what was and what is to become

is mystical.

In awed,
I witness the Divine

through the breeze,

ripples of diamonds on the water,

hummingbirds tapping at my window,

a deer feeding in the back field.

Oh yes,

this is sunrise with all its beauty

and secrets

enticing the awareness

that looking for my soul with my mind

will never be found.

Just like the fog, it is separate from the light.

I must look through the heart

to see the morning rise

and allow the mysteries

to paint the way.


This New Day



Words escape me

as I witness the sunrise

peeking through the forest trees

gathering glory,

moving hope and possibilities

over the mountains.

It’s a privilege to enter another day,


with awe-inspiring wonder

for the mysteries.

What great discoveries will visit?

Which valuable lessons will

arrive on my path?

Who will enter my presence

and teach me something

that matters to my spirit?

Where will I be as I stop and marvel

at the mystical surprises?

I smile with anticipation and delight….

This is all new.

That was old.

Look ahead

and watch

the magic


The Playground


The beauty of morning

peeks through the blinds

enticing me,

inviting me,

to join the world outside.


You look over at me,

a puzzled frown,

too early to be jumping

up and down,

mimicking the birds

and dragging sheets off your body.


“Less enthusiasm, please!” you moan.

I know it’s early,

but the ducks are flapping away in the pond,

fish are waiting for their bread,

birds want their sunflower seeds,

squirrels are in line for the remnants,

hummingbirds want their juice,

deer want their corn…

come on, let’s go play!


I know. It’s silly.

I’m too much this early

but we woke…

we get a new start,

a clean slate to do over,

the ability to recharge our dreams,

another kiss from God.


Come, let’s play!

I’ll put on my shoes,

double knot the laces,

meet you by the creek,

so we can hike up the mountain,

watch the sun enter the world.


Come, push me,

swinging me to the sky in your arms,

and I will wait for you down the slide

at the playground in the woods.


It is after all

a new life,

another day,

the beginning of the journey.

It’s you and me and them

borrowing this air,

breathing for now,

living the only moment left

to play with the Divine.