Be Kind

What does it mean to be present with someone’s pain? It means to see them. To feel them. And in that moment of acknowledgement you find a connection. Even through the smallest of acts.

Kali and I are visiting clients today. She asked to go to Starbucks to get her favorite bagel. I placed my order and ran with her to the potty. Upon returning to the counter I see her bag with my name on it and before I can grab it an elderly man with an oxygen apparatus grabs it and goes to a corner to eat it. I stood there in awed. I actually laughed in disbelief.

So I return to the line and asked for another. The young man asked if I got it and I tell him the little guy took it. He’s shocked. I asked him to please not make a big deal. So he gifts me another bagel. I ask to please pay for it. He tells me, “No way! You are too kind and generous. The man should be paying for it!”

I stand there, folks in line behind me, and I motion him with my index finger to come closer over the counter. “He is dying. You and I are not. Well, maybe but not at this moment. Let’s gift him this moment of consideration.”

His eyes water. I move away from the line. The elderly man is struggling with Kali’s bagel. I wink at him even though he avoids my eyes. I see him. He lowers his eyes in shame. I see the cream cheese leak out of his mouth. I grab a napkin and hand it to him.

“God bless you. Would you like some coffee?” I asked.

Tears start to swell in his eyes. “No, thank you.” He whispers it as if each syllable cuts his throat.

Kali and I grabbed our new package and leave. She said, “Mama, that man is going to heaven too!”

I sit with her in the car feeling the sorrow. And I pray for a smooth journey. We are all on this path trying to find ourselves.

Be kind, darlings! You never know the battles others are enduring. Every minute we get an opportunity to learn a lesson. Stay open to that magic. ~m.a.p.

The Truth is Sometimes Boring


Yesterday, over a cup of coffee, I sat across from one of my dearest friends. We shared the events of the past week, caught up on holiday stories and then got real. I have some amazing friends. I can get real really fast when it is triggered with some loving pushiness. The charade comes off, throwing that mask away so I can be vulnerable. This particular friend is a mirror. I see in her all that I am. We reflect one another in many levels, especially emotional and spiritual stuff. She gets the good, bad, pretty and ugly of me…and still manages to love me whole.

I sat there letting go of tears. I told her I was ready for change. I feel 2017 is going to catapult me into many amazing experiences. I have witnessed some intense awakenings lately, even shedding old belief patterns. I expressed how sad it made me that people believed things that weren’t true. I have held myself up as someone who is not pretentious or fake. She immediately said, “Buttercup, people like the Jerry Springer version. They love that drama. They can’t handle the simple truth because that’s boring. They have to make it into trashy-over-the-top crap. That’s what sells. And, anyone who matters will not buy into that cheap Springer nonsense. So there!”

So there! There in those words lies love and truth.

It’s amazing how important it is for me to visually see that frame with Springer retelling crap. This woman has a gift for framing things in just the perfect size and order. I love that about her. And, it’s unfortunately true: the Jerry Springer version of anything is what keeps society going. Most people take it as real and don’t bother to research the truth. They want things handed to them, especially gossip filled with shame and wrongness. Cause, let’s face it, who wants to truly dig and find out another version when the fake one instills fear and disappointments. The Springer show is entertaining. Anything else won’t be. Anything uplifting won’t sell the amount of tickets or have an audience.

And, that’s where we are in our world. We take things to heart by hearing them from wrong sources. Our lives have become a constant old game of telephone cups…repeating a story into a cup held by strings and by the time it makes it to the last person the story has changed dramatically into something ridiculous and unacceptable. But, many buy into it. They want to hear that version. They want to be disgusted and judge and feel another soul’s failures. They want to know that they are human with a tremendous amount of flaws. Those who are awake and empathetic will never buy into this…but for the rest of them, it is what it is.

The division is expanding between what is real and what is fabricated. We are seeing more and more the appalling circumstances of gossip, false media, and created stories that start with small insignificance and end in catastrophic mayhem. We are experiencing a massive shift in consciousness that is reaching out and clearing old paradigms. Can you feel it? Can you understand that you are in the midst of some powerful changes ahead? Are you willing to let go of those things and folks that no longer serve your highest calling and purpose? It’s time, darlings!

Be careful who you share your stories with. Be cautious of their output and how they may be turned into some sensational Jerry Springer segment for others to judge and send negativity back to you. You deserve to live in your authentic power with integrity and never allow another to take that power by twisting your truth. It’s important to surround yourself with those who want your best interest at heart. You owe no one an explanation for your life. You also should not have to fight to make those believe if they don’t care to stand in your light. The world is a sports arena and we are all spectators. Pick those who follow your team. They will always know your character.

Sending love to all.

Simple Stroke of Luck

Thanksgiving Day 2014

I am a simple woman that expects miracles through hard moments.  I don’t always have the patience to wait but I do live my life knowing they arrive just at the exact timing I am about to give up.  These miracles come through people, things, synchronicities, and serendipitous events.  One thought ties the end of a universal cord.  This is called a blessing.  I am always asking God to please provide “this or better.”   I am always asking my guides, angels, and the Divine to be gentle with my teachings.  I see how difficult I’ve made it to learn gently in the past.  My “tenacity” (a.k.a. stubbornness) is not a fun characteristic.

For many years I had a vision, an idea, of what I wanted in a mate.  I wanted him to be above a certain height, intelligent, witty, non-judgmental of my spirituality, secure with his own life that he wouldn’t be jealous of my friendships, loving with my children, a comedian at heart, and many other little details that I wasn’t willing to settle without.  I would end my prayers with, “this or better, God!”  Somehow I got the better with my fiancé, Matt.  He is showing me every day what it is to have a real partner in life.  I am learning what it is to count completely on another.  He doesn’t push or pull.  He sits and waits for me to arrive at that place of vulnerability.

I have found an endless river of love flowing through us, sometimes not in the colorful composition I had envisioned because I had no live example for comparison.  Not everything is a Hallmark movie extravaganza but there is a miracle in his gentleness, acceptance, love and support.  Every day I see the truth that I am no longer swimming alone in this journey of life without a mate to reach and grab me.  I tend to forget that I can count on him.  I tend to bulldoze myself into a frenzy thinking I have to do things alone while not inconveniencing him.  He comes through and reminds me that we are a unit: in the good times and in the rough ones.  The past few months have been full of confirmations of his commitment.  There are no perfect souls who live in constant harmony.  We work at our flaws, traumas and constant lack of understanding for one another.  We are mirrors reflecting those issues that need forgiveness from past relationships.  I am forever astonished at the huge blessing of being able to unpack our previous baggage and make room to live together.  This union is a great mystery to me.   I no longer have my running sneakers around.  I know we are in this together for the long haul.  Neither one of us knows why we are with one another.  It’s baffling!

There are amazing mysteries in our universe:  the great pyramids, the Mayan calendar, the conscious mind, the cosmos, the beginning of time, parallel dimensions, how I raised my children pretty much on my own, and meeting this man.  These great mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.  They are as apparent as love out there in the world to ponder and accept.  We are constantly trying to solve the phenomenal things in life.  Some things aren’t meant to have specific reasoning.  Miracles happen every day.  We are born out of extraordinary paradoxes. We survive illnesses, near-death experiences, personal losses, and so many heart aches.  We come out from difficult situations and have no explanation for them…except that something greater than our humanness has intervened.  This is the miracle!  The mysteries of our existence lie in the knowing that there is something superior above all reasoning.  It is that knowing that gets us through the difficult times.  Some call it Christ, Buddha, God, the Divine, the Holy Mother, etc.  There are millions of names and expressions for this mystery in our existence.   There are millions of ways to perceive the lessons and the kind revelations.

I have stopped looking for that which cannot be understood (for the most part). I am trying to accept the inequalities with the ease of things, both in life and in our relationship.  I have been fortunate to entertain angels in all forms, shapes and sizes in my life.  I can’t imagine traveling through this next chapter of our lives without his support.  His loving gentleness with our baby girl melts my heart and when he’s not looking allows me to fall deeper into the truth of our partnership.  The evolution of my soul depends on those who touch me and this man is helping lead the way through the good, bad and in-between moments of this journey.