Thank Your Soul

mirror image

Do an honorable gesture for your soul this morning. When you go brush your teeth stand and look into your eyes. Forget your hair, your face, the clothes and any other distraction of falsehood. You are your soul, not the external elements of the body. Look deep. Smile. Thank her/him for borrowing this incredible and magnificent body. Look deeper and see how it doesn’t even look like the YOU that you are accustomed to witnessing every day. It is there in that gratitude that your truth and purpose reside. The rest is a bonus. Do this every day. I promise that you will stop worrying about the physicality of you. The age spots disappear, the over run eyebrow hairs vanish, the lines become invisible because all that matters in that moment is that you see the Divine staring back at you! You are exquisite so go meet your true self. Have a blessed day. I love you mucho.

A Scavenger Hunt

little boy

Let me take you there

to that place in the meadows,

the corner of the world,

where you can be

completely YOU.

Let’s run in and out

of the maze of illusion

and find truth

in this scavenger hunt.

Don’t be afraid

of the darkness in your thoughts,

they can’t really hurt you

unless you allow

their regimen to be your dictatorship.


Come to that place of peace.

Let me in and together

we can find

Serenity sitting by the water

ready to push you in

to find what Authenticity looks like.

We can fish out Grace,

Truth, and Hope

to add to the list

of invaluable commodities.

And, when we are done

the quest would have been

a playful act

of moments intertwined

to make your life even richer

by creating a life of joy.


“Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.” – Jimmy Buffett