Holding Space for Peace

Put your love and compassionate shields up, darlings. Something is shifting. Huge waves of division in timelines happening. The gap is growing. Remember who you are and what you represent. Anger is a wonderful catalyst for change but it can also destroy the foundation of what you may be trying to transform.
You cannot take all that hate and expect it will turn to love without destruction. It will attract more hate. Fear will fuel it and it will spread like wild fire through a forest.

Put your heart in gear. Ground yourself. This may get really bumpy. We have a serious pandemic evolving. All of this is part of the crumbling of illusions. Do whatever you are pulled to do but return to the highest frequency of divine understanding.

Life is truly transforming. Love will win. There is so much that needs to crumble. Things cannot get better by doing the same exact thing.

Love you Mucho. Holding space for the sacredness of peace.

Rendezvous of Fate


A life without 

the reality

of you

is no life

as far as I’m concerned.

You take me




the truth of what was

a false perception.

You hold me close,

forcing me to


the blessings

for this union,


all I assumed


and now

has fallen

as actual proof

from Divinity.

We did not meet by chance…

we had an appointment,


showing up

and remembering

what eons ago

we outlined…

that we will continue

to reunite

through timelines

because love

knows no cosmic boundaries.