The Waiting Game


People are constantly surprising me.  I sat in several airports throughout Sunday trying to make it back home from San Francisco.  As hours passed, my exhaustion and temperament morphed into a cocoon.  I couldn’t speak.  I was out of commission.  I wore out my IPOD’s energy twice that day…drained from trying to block out all noises.  It was a very long day that began at 3AM and did not end until 1AM.  I was traveling on stand-by.  Flights were full, over-booked and people were joining together in a pool of hostility.  There are two places that bring out the worst in our spirits: airports and hospitals.

During one of those moments of charging my IPOD I sat in the terminal people watching.  A couple in their mid-forties sat across from me.  They had just been married and were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  Observing their interaction was endearing, and a bit challenging.  She was all about the details, and constantly speaking to him as if he was a child (and this was the beginning of a marriage).  Next to them an older man sat making facial expressions to their comments while he read.  He was unaware I was watching him as well.  Two seats down a mother and teenage daughter sat arguing about a book and snacks.  The remarks made me giggle as I have had those moments with my children.  A row down a French couple sat with their son watching a movie on an IPAD.  The young boy laughing in French…very sophisticated, I may add.  Their loudness and expressions were welcoming.  I couldn’t mustard a single expression by this point.  I wanted to get home to my bed.  I was tired of waiting while my patience was wearing thin.  Flights would arrive and leave and I sat there stoic with a huge concern: will I ever make it home today? Thousands of people in one building, each traveling in and to some destination.  The one thing we had in common: waiting.

We meet souls every day waiting for the next path to appear in life.  We come in contact with hundreds of personalities, thousands of emotions, and millions of words.  Yet, there in that airport things become magnified as we are forced to patiently wait.  Uncertainty, frustration, and chaos add to the aggravation of allowing the airwaves and weather to dictate our travels.

What is it about waiting that puts us in such a state of exhaustion and anxiety?  We wait for the birth of a child, phone calls, messages, plans, dreams, people, the perfect job, the mate of our fantasies, and ultimately the day of our death.  We spend our lives waiting and waiting for the next moment, a big break, precious time and most delusional…we wait for someday in order to begin our lives.

We are so accustomed to interject our dreams and desires onto the future.  We run around planning, excavating, developing strategies to get from point A to point Z.  Unfortunately we get sucked into the anticipation and expectations of waiting.  I am not a patient person by nature.  Lord knows I work real hard to sit and allow things to happen.  Patience is not my strongest virtue.  I want things done now and I push to create them to happen quickly.  Because of this I have had many failures (which have been turned into giant blessings) that have taught me to sit in a corner in time-out and wait.  I’ve voiced out to the sky many a times, “Is this for real?  Seriously!  What the hell is going on?”  But, ultimately, it is all in God’s plan.  I cannot dictate what’s in store for me.   The Waiting Game becomes a source of entertainment and exasperation…where and how do I get from here?

I spent the larger part of my life waiting on something or another.  I waited to see what I could become as a person, how I was going to mother my children, how I could make someone happy, and mostly, how I could start being happy with myself.  As a child I waited to become a teenager.  As a teenager I waited to be of legal age to make my own decisions.  As an adult I waited to become something…anything of importance while discarding the obvious: I was always important.  While waiting I forgot to live in the moment.

Sitting in those airports reminded me of the things missing out while we wait.  We forget to engage in life and the present.  It is a giant gift to wait and cherish the process of the journey.  I am in awed at the human spirit.  I’ve waited forever to get to this moment of witnessing the best version of myself.  In that waiting I have participated in seconds, minutes, and years of grace, hope, and love.  May you find peace in a platform of waiting and cherish the journey as well with patience, faith and the understanding that all things have purpose.


“It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.”  – Elizabeth Taylor

Celebration of Life

It’s April!  I love this month.  Spring is here.  The world, my world of nature, is starting to bloom slowly and I get to start playing outside.  I feel like a little girl in a candy store each day observing the changes in our surrounding landscape.  I can feel the breeze coming in through all the opened windows in my house.  I watch the birds feed on their feeders.  The fish await food each morning in the pond by my deck.  The deer visit our woods freely as things blossom.  But also, April is the month of my birthday.

As a little girl and even as a grown up until the age of 40, my birthday came and went without much of a ripple.  It was just another day in a busy life.  I rarely even celebrated it.  Truth be told, I hated the thought of getting older.  I just ignored the entire day.  In the past few years I have opted to celebrate all thirty days of April.  My friends and family start wishing me birthday greetings from April 1st until the end of the month.  They all know I take this month as an entire holiday.  I also have many close friends who share this birthday month and I take it upon myself to celebrate for them as well.

Each day I do something special for myself.  It is my gift in honoring this grand privilege for existing.  I take a different country scenic road.  I will go bowling one morning (which I haven’t done in years).  I will go test drive a car I really want but cannot afford.  I will head to the beach for a few days.  There are so many simple things to do on this month, many are free.  And as the days go on I break the pattern of my life by doing something memorable to celebrate my forty-five years on this gorgeous planet.

When my mother died eleven days before I turned 40 I promised myself that April would be the month that I would break free from all structure.  It’s a blessing to attend this life.  It’s a gift to be able to share it with so many.  So April is my Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day,  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and any other random holiday for me.

In this month I awake consciously while being gentler with myself.  I am kinder to my spirit.  I don’t take things for granted.  I make sure that each day I am fully aware of my existence and those I love.  I rush less, love more, and try to learn something new each day, like tackling a different word in other languages.  I know we should be doing this every single day but in April, I make sure I am conscious of all my moments.  I am working towards doing a whole year of celebrating.  April is just my trial run. I am so lucky that it is also the month when new birth springs into action and the winter is left behind.   I am tired of the cold.  April always brings that sense of anticipation, giddiness and exploration that my spirit loves so much.

Last year a new friend of mine called me up on the 1st to wish me a Happy Birthday.  After she sang the song and I giggled through it all, she asked what day was I actually born in?  I told her, “Somewhere in the middle.”  She got a little snippy and asked what day was that middle part?  To this I said, “Everyday.”  She laughed and said, “I am jealous.  My birthday was last month and I should’ve sucked it all up for the entire 31 days.”  Hey, live and learn.

Celebrating your life is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.  I know…I drag it out every single day and each morning I wake up smiling while thanking the Divine for allowing me another precious day to learn.  Now, go do something for yourself that is extraordinary!

Welcoming Rebirth!

rebirth on top of the worldYesterday morning I once again trekked up the mountain (for the second time this week) as the sun was catching up with midday.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful and welcoming to those who love being outdoors.  It has been a rough winter.  The weather has been mild but the winter in my life has been tumultuous this season.  Mind, body and spirit have grown and expanded.  Chapters to my past have been forced to close.  New books have been written.  It’s been quite a challenging experience.  With each step up the mountain I recall the adventure.

Walking up the trails through the forest, naked from the draping of leaves, I see the changes arriving.  Because of the mild winter, plants that would be birthing in a month have been showing signs through the soil.  And, I am grateful for this introduction.  I am living an inspiration through witnessing the evolution of this new season.  I get giddy at the thought of warmth touching my unclothed shoulders.

The depth of solitude through winter is painful.  I don’t like this season.  I need sun, torridity, the ability to climb a mountain every morning without the fear of being found frozen up on a summit.  I need restoration.   I need to shed the extra insulation on my body.  I need to find that muse that climbs with me every morning and allows my thoughts to surf through all of me.  It is my time with God.

I don’t fear change anymore.  I try to embrace it.  I allow it to be the substance that moves me into a new adventure.  This is why hiking is a passion.  I must trust my intuition and let the forest guide me.  This winter has been about letting the forest in me, which has been more like a crazy maze, teach me how to let go.  This has been the thirdriverlife winter in North Carolina.  I am learning to navigate the climate.

I once read somewhere that fear is the child of selfishness and ignorance.  Winter creates a wickedly misbehaved child in me.  And, the parents – Selfishness and Ignorance – are not welcomed into my world. There is a constant tug and war with letting go.  Winter forces me to deal with issues that any other time in the year I ignore because I keep busy.  I feel un-energized during this time.  And, the expansion in me is not something I feel comfortable, literally with my body and mind.

There is rebirth.  Spring is knocking.  I am looking forward to the growth of nature and the loving changes in me.  There is nothing like uncovering the layers of solitude and releasing it all to a new season.    As Robin Williams says, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”

Let’s be adventurers

staircasetoheavenI woke this morning with a tug and an ache to be up on a mountain top. Got geared up (by this I mean put on my hiking boots…that’s as much gear as I can handle) and headed down the mountain and then up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Unfortunately, about 16 miles into the drive the gates were closed. The winter weather has impeded the continuation of great exploration and trailing. I detoured on the next exit and found an isolated trail on the side of the road. I believe all trails end somewhere, anywhere. That goes for roads, relationships and life. Not all trails are beautiful but they all have splendid uniqueness. I like my hikes to have a gratification spot at the end of the incline. I want to see a waterfall, a stream or a gorgeous mountain view. The idea of just hiking for the sake of walking does nothing for me.

So there I was alone in the forest pushing my butt up and up and up without a destination. A little tidbit about me: I have no sense of time or distance. What I think is 5 minutes is probably 25. When I say I’ve walked a mile, I can bet it is more like three. It doesn’t matter. Once I am exploring a trail I lose track of it all. I get out of my head. I begin to find hearts in nature and witness the canvas of Divinity staring from every direction. I feel like I can breathe especially after a cold winter season.

ruinsThis hike was insane. The higher I climbed the less I saw. The clouds gathered in a canopy creating darkness and a chill that went through my coat. I was determine to find something, anything that could show me that I was going to have surprise at the end of the trail. I met a gentleman coming down with his dog. As I gasped for air I asked if I was near the top. He smiled, and pointed out that I was in fact at the top. He expressed distance in yards and timing, once again not a concept I follow very well. I was thankful to be pointed towards something.

I was so enthralled in climbing and getting to a final place of beauty that I missed the walk. I skipped the scenery. That’s how it is in life. We are so focused on the prize and goal that we forget to take in the journey. It wasn’t until I came down several hours later that I realized that the mountain scenery was right next to me throughout the entire trek.

comingdownI did make it to a gorgeous stream. It looked like something from Lord of the Rings. There were ruins of what was once a lodge that burnt down a hundred years ago. I was in heaven. There is a moment of euphoria that I enter when I make it to that spot that calls for me. Even when I don’t know the final place, my spirit knows I’ve had enough. My body feels ecstatic. I wish I could bottle it up and wear it whenever I need it without climbing to the top of a mountain or getting lost in the wilderness of the unknown.

I rarely have plans. I don’t follow a list of things to do, unless it is for work. Two of the things I live by are spontaneity and the law of serendipity. If something crosses my path and it calls for me I go out of my way to explore it. My curiosity is charged by trails in nature, a road less traveled, a path that draws the senses, and the simple ability to enter into an adventure.

May the next detour call out for you to explore. Be an adventurer in your own life. Throw out the plans for a little bit. Get out of routine and make the most of the road less traveled, a deviation on a dead end street, or just the ability to get lost for a little while. Sometimes you just have to let go of your parameters. You will be amazed at the gratitude and appreciation your spirit will obtain.


Still vacationing like a child

I am still on a wonderful vacation in California. I have written in my journal throughout this amazing journey. This is a snippet of an entry. Will share more when I am in front of my own computer. Like all great travels this one has allowed me to go within and then move outward. It has been delightful!

“I am a little girl playing on the seashore. I move from here to there diverting from pebble to rock to stones and gravel. The great ocean of truth lies in front embracing all of me undiscovered by the child in my past. It is magnificent. I am nothing yet I am everything in this vastness of force and beauty. These waters serve as gateways to my spirit. The memories run through me over and over crashing against my chest with the same intensity as the waves. As an individual I am one but here standing in spirit’s arms we are the ocean. You, me and them are now one….”

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love and light.



California Dreams

I am sitting in front of my fireplace this morning.  It is a chilly 30 degrees outside.  I am cold and realizing this is going to be a freaking ridiculous winter.  The greatest part of this insane season is that in a few days I am taking a road trip with two of my closest friends.  We are leaving the mountains of Western North Carolina and heading to California to travel the Pacific Coast all the way to Portland.  This is a celebration for my best friend and business partner, Bobbie’s 40th birthday.  It is also the first time since we bought this business that we will both be gone together for so many days.  My teenage children will be here with neighbors so mama can truly play.  As the day gets closer I feel that giddiness that enters my blood stream when I am about to take a trip.  I just can’t wait!

Traveling is a sport.  I am not a good athlete but I consider myself an enthusiastic adventurist without an agenda to my travels.  We are embarking without a map, tourist guide, and a timeline.  We only have the final destination point.  There is something wonderful in having no perspective to an arrival, or expectation to the excursion.  I love to travel.  I was made for it.  As much as I love my place in the mountains I also fantasize about seeing the world.  This trip is something of a monumental turning point for the three of us.  We have entered and exited many issues in the past few months with personal obstacles.  We have purged, healed, released and traveled down many roads inside of ourselves.  The adventure is welcomed with open minds and extended hearts.  I am traveling with like-minded people: no planning or agendas.  The only thing we know is that we arrive in San Diego and we are renting a car.  The rest is up to serendipity.  Ahhh…to think of the surprises along the way!  Bring them on!!!!

I will not have access to a computer but I’ve purchased a new journal where I hope to be inspired to document this expedition.  I feel like a little girl waiting at the entrance to Disney World minutes before the gates open.  I am sure the night before we leave I won’t sleep as I think about all the possibilities that will transpire on this journey.  I live for amazing surprises.  They are right up there with laughter.  The Pacific Coast has always been a magnet with its gorgeous coast lines and mountains.  Witnessing such beauty will be mind-boggling.  I know how excited I can get.  Adjectives will be constantly flying out of my mouth describing all the moments and how I feel.  My dear friends will have to just deal with the little girl in me and might have to tell me to chill out every so often!

Have a wonderful two weeks, dear friends.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Stay warm and cozy wherever you are.  I will be back to share.  I may be able to read your writings and daily blogs from my phone.  It is always wonderful to be inspired by y’all.  Much love and light…Millie.

Getting Lost

Yesterday I pulled to the side of the road near our place, parked my car, and entered a trail that’s not marked.  I have seen a few cars parked there many times for over a year.  I normally won’t take a hike unless it is a defined trail.  But, yesterday I was in dire destitution to get lost in nature.  I needed to find the way back to a place of serenity.  I needed the grounding that arrives after a hike.   I absolutely craved to go within and rip out the things that were dragging me down.  I had been feeling “off” for days.  I don’t do well in that place of uncertainty.  Memories are tiny pictures that need alteration at times.  I can choose to delete them but I need to find a space alone to do it.  These mountains are my healing space.

There is magic in exploring the wilderness of the unknown.  Slipping into the thickness of shrubs, trees, and moss is mystical and breathtaking.  The smell of decomposed soil is enticing.  Climbing over rocks, boulders, creeks, and huge fallen trees makes for a childlike environment.   A non-defined path is a maze to me that whispers to be discovered.  There is nothing else like it in a metaphysical sense.

Unfortunately, these mountains have a way of twisting and turning anyone with the best possible sense of direction.  The more you trek into the woods the less perception of direction is available.  I just put on my IPOD and walked.  I had no clue where I was going.  All that was guiding me were worn out paths that seemed to deviate in many areas.  Upward and onward!  I wasn’t worried about coming back.  I only wanted to move forward.  In a metaphorically sense I needed to get lost in the wilderness of my mind.

It wasn’t until 45 minutes later that I realized that I had no recollection of where I had entered.  I couldn’t see where I would end either.  The thickness of the forest embraced me.  I reached a meadow, and a nook, a hollow square opening that must’ve been part of a well at some point.  I felt like I was in another world.  I stood there for a few minutes trying to gather my breath and figure out my way back home.  I was lost.  I threw my hands in the air, stared at the thickness of the trees and admitted that I had no clue of where I was going.  “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

Every turn and trail I took allowed me to move inward.  If the worst possible scenario was that I was truly lost in the woods, then I knew I was okay.  My home was only a few miles from there.  I understand completely why people take walks to gather their thoughts, to regain clarity.  As you walk the only thing available is you for the taking.  The only thing that matters is the present moment.  Things get put in perspective.  Moments get highlighted.  You can’t solve anything, yet everything gets diluted and distributed to a place of peace.  This is why I hike.  Emotions come up and outward.  Sweat allows for everything to be purged.  It is the only form of validating my truth.  Any issues that need addressing get my full attention.  I breathe and exhale the smell of the forest.  I am guided by a Divine energy.  Being lost is sometimes the only way to find myself.  When the world gets crazy on the outside I need the woods to call me inward.  I need to know I can recover from hurt, rejection, failure, traumas, stupidity and an array of human emotions.  I hike and with my own guidance find the place of purpose.  Nature is my form of retreat.  I have no other way of explaining it.   I find God in those moments.  I am cradled by the hand of assurance.  It is in those moments that I feel the existence of me more valuable than any other time.  I get connected to a higher self.  Ego gets checked and kicked out of the trail.  Surrendering and letting go are the catalyst for healing.

Somehow, somewhere, I was able to find a clearing.  I came upon the beauty of mountain ranges.  I knew where I was.  I wasn’t far from home.  My exploration took me to a place of certainty.  Sweaty, thirsty, and hungry I was able to find me once again.

“When looking for the path of peace one comes to realize that peace is the path.”  Each turn in the wilderness allows me to come to a place of Spirit.  This doesn’t work for everyone.  The forest does this to me.  To others it is the beach, gardening, fishing, etc.   I have found that there is nothing else in the world that grounds me like hiking in these majestic mountains.  I hope and pray that everyone finds an outlet to get lost in…whether it is yoga, meditating, reading, writing, or anything that separates the mind from the stress of everyday.  This is my wish for you!  And once you find it, never let it go…!

Mountain Sanctuary

Yesterday a friend and I went down to Charleston, South Carolina, to pick up my children.  My two teenagers had been away for a week and a half with some dear friends while a movie was being filmed in our location.  I was ready to have them back home.  I also love to visit Charleston.  The downtown reminds me of Old San Juan with the historic-colorful-adorn homes.  Walking it brings me great nostalgia.  It is a romantic city and one I hope to return time and time again.  Charleston is the Asheville of the East.

This afternoon we returned home.  The four hour car ride always brings time for contemplation and reflection.  The moment I reach the Blue Ridge Mountain silhouette and skyline, my spirit enters a place that words cannot express.  There is a sense of open air and relief.  I love the mountains.  No matter how far I travel, returning here is an immediate sense of peace.   There is a knowing that immediately whispers, “You are home.  You are free.  You are nature and harmony.”

I expressed to my dear friend, who is now moving to the area, how much I love this place.  He completely understood because he feels the same way.  There is breathing room.  There is a space of infinite openness and grounding.  Just seeing the ridges in the distance puts me in a place of giddiness and excitement.  Even less than 36 hours later, I feel like I’ve been gone for a week.  Just like Dorothy, “There is no place like home.”

The best feeling in life is finding a sanctuary to truly call home.  Our place is my Heaven while in this life.  I love experiencing and visiting other places.  I love to travel.  But, I live in a permanent vacation.  Life is so sweet up on this mountain.  Creativity flows, clarity visits and nature energizes my spirit.  This is not something I take for granted.  I know it is a blessing from the Divine.  I am also aware that to arrive to this place of peace I’ve had to release and surrender.  The lessons learned have been fundamental and painful at times.  I’ve had to let go of the material world.  I have less than I’ve ever had in my life, yet I am richer beyond imagination.  I have found the fountain of youth, Shangri-La, and the Mist of Avalon.  I live in fairytale land.

Our friends in South Carolina took us to Botany Bay by the coast.  It was closed yesterday but the entrance to this beach was spectacular.  The trees (shown in picture) intertwine with each other.  They are arms and fingers of leaves and branches joining in creation.  It is a magical canopy.  And, just like that particular path, I feel these mountains have intertwined and created a canopy of mysticism and magic for us to live in.  This small space has become therapy, love, peace and most of all…faith.  I have found the place that houses my spirit.  It is better than I could have ever imagined.

Returning to Innocence

There’s a natural endearing innocence to children.  Their curiosity is breathtakingly admirable.  We forget the wonders of an innocent young mind.  There is a mesmerizing quality to their thoughts and imagination.  If we could just hold on to that simplicity for the rest of our adult life!  How extraordinary the journey would be if we just remained child-like.

Last night we rented a sweet movie called “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.”  The main character played by Ewan McGregor, is like a small child or one with autism.  His lack of social skills makes him even more innocent.  Sitting through the story I thought about how many times I wish I could just see the world for what it is.  In the movie, the hope and faith of bringing salmon to Yemen from Britain makes one want to go fishing.  Simplicity is so easy but we automatically complicate it.  My mind doesn’t allow for such black and white thoughts.  I tend to go beyond and start to analyze, even when I don’t try to.

Throughout the years, I have watched and witnessed my own children play, laugh, and create wonders from their imaginations.  I have always allowed creativity to be a huge part of their lives.  I encourage them to see the world in more dimensions than the visible one we are accustomed to live in.  In the past few years I have tried to dismiss the rigid structure and ideas I had about my own life.  It is always easier to preach and tell others to live a certain way, but hypocritical not to follow through in our own lives.

'Little Boy' by NelsonMy son, Nelson, took the picture of this little boy on the Greyhound Bus from Miami to Orlando recently.  He knows how much I love pictures of little kids.  I have it on my phone and each time I look at it I am taken to a place of wonder and joy.  What can he be thinking?  How is he seeing the world outside of that window?  Where is his imagination traveling to while he sits on that ride?

So today, after a much busy week, I choose to sit for a little while and marvel at life.  I want to be that little boy staring out the window, witnessing the magic of the world.  I will kick back and stare out the window of my home, while a wedding is taking place in our retreat center.  I choose to laugh and probably cry, as I do in all weddings.   My children have been gone for a week and this house is quiet.  In their absence I will return to my innocence through play and silliness.  I will put my IPOD on dance shuffle and pretend I am a kid again with my round brush as a microphone, standing in front of an invisible audience and belt out to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. After all, being a kid is the best part of growing old.  My body is ready for some fun.

Give yourself the privilege of returning to your innocence.  Play like you mean it.  Dance like if no one was watching. And, sing to your favorite tune!  Life can’t get any sweeter than this….

There’s no place like home

No place like home by Nelson

My son, his girlfriend, and a friend arrived from Florida yesterday. He turns 24 tomorrow. They will be here for a week. My sister, niece, her husband and daughter will arrive on Monday. Having my family home is always an adjustment for everyone on the first few days. But, family is always a loving dynamic and we find joy in sharing. Stories will be shared, moments will find new albums, and laughter will be contagious.

I last saw my son on my birthday in April. We had a marvelous afternoon walking on the beach in South Florida. It was a loving time full of adult conversations. I know how difficult it is for my oldest son to get used to his parent’s separation. He seems to take things much harder than the rest. When he comes to visit I am initially waiting for emotions to fly off the handle at some point. Usually my mind creates the worst.

He took the above picture as he got home. He showed it to me and said, “There is no place like Mom’s home.” Tears formed in my eyes. No matter how old they get they still find home where the heart resides. Entering the house he smelled the aromatherapy oils I always burn. “Ah, smells like home. Miss that smell.” He walked through the kitchen and living room breathing the eucalyptus and rosemary. His demeanor changed completely. His spirit let go and I could see it in his eyes. He was back in a place of stability and security.

There’s a grounding quality in the places we call “home.” There should always be a place that feels nurturing, loving, comfortable and healing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mansion or a shack. I try to create this sense of safety for my family. My home is my sanctuary and I am very conscious of treating it with love. There is no chair or space that can’t be used. There’s no discomfort or uneasiness. This home is a place to sit back and just relax. All my homes have welcomed family and friends to just chill. Home is that place of finding loving energies. Everyone should have a space that allows the spirit to let go and feel secure. I hope that my space can always provide that for others. This haven provides an on-going comfort for so many. Even whenever I leave for a few days, I re-enter my space and always thank God for what I have. I find myself like Dorothy whispering, “There’s no place like home!”

My last home was a massive house. I had a living room that I called “the red room” because the sofas were flushed and red. It seemed that anyone who sat there for more than 10 minutes began to share emotions. The room seemed to have a therapeutic effect. I am not a therapist and was always surprised at the things people would divulge. Even strangers would just break down and start sharing personal things. When I moved to North Carolina I sold everything. The time came to buy new sofas for my home and I purchased red sofas again. I’ve found that the color stirs up emotions in others, and also allows them to let go. Secrets, emotions, traumas, and stories are shared in this space. They provide a comfort area to watch television, share a glass of wine with friends, and a great nap time on a lazy day.

Is it the furniture? Is it the color? Is it the energy of this place in the mountains? Is it the lack of restrictions to what anyone can do? I really don’t know. What I do know for sure is that my son and others come home and I watch their spirits breathe and relax. I thank God for this sanctuary. I am grateful that the Divine provides them with this space to let go and rejuvenate.

I hope that no matter where you are that you can create paradise in your space. Whenever you spirit comes home it should be a place that feels the nurturing energies of the Divine. Home is the place where your stories never need an explanation and you can always feel loved. It is the place that allows the real you to rest, rejuvenate, and recreate.