Mystical Dreams


I watch from the trees

swinging on a hammock

the earth swaying with the wind.

Lost in my journal,

a jungle of words

sit waiting for the gathering

of fire and hearth.

The creek never stops the flow


cascading privately


a memorized path

while I keep holding on

to the bark rooted inside

of me.

Wind chimes dance to

an alto gypsy symphony

resembling Irish moors

long ago in a remote

country side.

The flapping of wings

flutter all around me,

embracing the openness

as I emerge from here to there

through waking dreams

in the gorge of a private forest.

Fallen Tree

A giant tree fell in the forest

while it rained last night.

It didn’t ask the other trees

for permission,

or waited to be supported

by human hands,

but cautiously landed

without disturbing,

missing everything

in its path.

Its root system now salutes the sky

and I touch what’s left

from its existence

tampering the leftover energy

it held while living among

the forest

as decay starts to take place.

There is little grounding left

to what once was upright.

You are like the tree

falling over and never

allowing anyone to help

get you up.

You don’t ask for help

while desperately tipping

into your loneliness –

a dark forest of the unknown.

I sat on the edge of the bark

trying to find the spirit

from the tree’s energy.

I thought of you.

I want to be part of the ground

that supports the earth

around you

even through torrential downpours.

I want you to lean on me

when you feel you can’t hang

to faith,

as you silently disappear

into the woods of depression.

I exited the forest

clenching hope in my hands

praying that you will find me

leaning gently against you

even if we are worlds apart

from one another.

You are not a tree living

in an isolated world.

You are a child of the Divine

rooted into the earth

and all there is to learn

will come with surrendering

to the miracle of life.



An unknown path calls for me,

pulling me towards

the union

of earth and spirit.

The sigh from nature

draws attention

to the trees,

the ground,

to primitive beginnings.

I want

to remain here

as will and courage

break out from silence

soaring to the Heavens.

I want to sit and lay

among this hearth

where moth and air plants reside

alongside ferns and trees.

I want to stare through God’s canopy

and abide by the simple rules:

The rhythm of leaves shuffling,

falling and disappearing;

the cool wind softly kissing the trees;

the water lovingly teasing the edges of creeks.

But eventually I must go–

I cannot disrupt this existence.

I am only a spectator

in this place,

but I can return

as often as I want,

restoring my spirit

with the ever knowingly force

of divinity in the forest

of all waking dreams.

Everyday Awareness


My daughter and I went into Asheville yesterday morning.  We stopped at Starbucks and coming out of the car I got caught in the branches of a tree I didn’t even see.  Imagine missing a huge tree!  I felt the leaves caress me, the twigs holding me back, as I pulled away.  It was as if the branches were hands holding me from going inside the store.  A nice man with long braids said, “I see the tree won’t let you go.”  I answered, “It came out of nowhere and just embraced me.”  He smiled showing me a mouth full of gold teeth.  His demeanor was very reggae-casual-whatever in style and I was drawn to him.  He held the door open for us to go in.  I kept looking back and seeing a calming spirit smiling back at me.  He just winked and said, “Now don’t you go fighting these trees here in Asheville.  They are pretty frisky to beautiful women.”  I, in my long tie-dye-hippie-green skirt, short-crop-gray hair standing up, and colorful sandals couldn’t help but laugh.  He was seeing my spirit as mine was seeing his.  If we go by superficial looks there was nothing attractive about me but my smile.

I am absolutely absentminded.  A tree has to grab a hold of me in order for me to see that I am under it.   Whenever my mind is swirling in different directions I am oblivious to everything other than Spirit.  At that very moment of impact I was seeing the energy move quickly around me.  I had very little indication that there were any folks around me other than my daughter.  Consequently, my daughter laughed hysterically.  She knows how I see nothing physical when I am in this sacred space of Divinity.  It was hard to sit long enough inside Starbucks drinking a cup of tea.  When I am not feeling well, battling sinus issues, I can’t guard myself from whatever the environment is experiencing with energy and vibrations.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Next time you are in a public place close your eyes and feel with all your other senses.  It is very different than depending on just your sight, perception, and external awareness.

Duality and non-duality co-exist in us forming a balance in our lives.  At the very moment I was in Starbucks I could feel the negativity of mass consciousness.  It isn’t always like this in Starbucks.  It comes in clusters.  Energy does tend to do this.  I felt the “vibes” from folks who are superficially living in a state of paralysis, minus the nice man with braids who was long gone before I started sipping my cup. Love is the greatest of all frequencies.  Its vibration and energy expands with omnipotence power.  When we aren’t in that beautiful alignment all we can feel is stagnant energy, negativity and a dense matter that I personally can’t be around.   Even in my oblivious state of physical awareness I was witnessing that “feeling” that wanted me out of there.  You can call it intuition, gut feeling, discernment, innate knowledge or anything else.  We all have it.  If we allowed it to guide us life would be easier.

Once I was in the car I was fine.  My awareness was back on the road.  I was able to converse with my daughter.  We laughed.  The moment had passed when I felt an intrusion into my spiritual body.  I am always grateful for the times I can discern and understand that it’s not just me. We are all connected.  Be mindful of the energy you bring into public places.  Kindness and an open heart go a long way.  Being present (which is very hard for me at times) is being mindful of everything around me.  The energy around us is always interconnected, I promise you!  You never know how your body will receive what others are carrying around with them.  If you are lucky enough a tree branch might stop you from moving forward.  Divinity has a great sense of humor.

“The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE” – Deepak Chopra


I had never noticed
The way headlights cast
Out the darkness
Ascending towards home
While shadows wait
Quickly in distance
Then descending with each
Curve to the past.
The thickness of forest
Returns to the unknown
As I stare in the mirror.
I am almost there
Waving the moon goodbye.

The Wedding


The Morning woke the Day

with cold kisses and embrace

through frost,



and she rose elated,

illuminating in shades

of blue,

mauve and purple.

The Mountain dressed in white

gracefully stood

waiting for the Sun

to take in and love her.

The Path through the Forest

cleared the way

for the standing ovation,

the musical enlightenment

for the union

between love and creation.

I attend to the gathering

in awed of the mysticism

witnessing the Divine

taking and joining

this magical wedding

day after day….