For the Love of Community

A few years ago I made a promise to myself that I would only allow those individuals who contributed to the best of my life. I was done with all the crap of people who were emotional vampires. I wanted a community, a family of friends, who were there for me regardless of the weather (in good and bad times). I wanted people who allowed me to be me without judgment and likewise I would relish in their uniqueness. The Divine provided much more than I had intended because I have wonderful people in my life.

When we realize the old patterns in our life, the way we choose situations, and accept (with full blown responsibility) that we attract those people who hurt us because we participated in the drama, then the Universe moves on to what the heart truly needs. I’ve changed and with those modifications I have allowed like-minded people to enter my circle. These are giving individuals who truly care about friendship. I am blessed. And I don’t take it for granted.

If you have people in your life (whether it be a mate or friends) who don’t bring out the best in you, take a look at your behavior. Take note of your actions, how you treat others, and seriously decide if they are projecting your individuality. The root of criticism in others is usually the reflection in ourselves. We attract that which we put out. You don’t want drama, look to see if your life is a one-stage act after another full of chaos. You don’t want selfishness then see if you are reflecting things that are being only about you. You don’t want craziness, well then I suggest you start to define what normal is for you! You get to manifest the things and people in your life. You get to create what stays and what needs to go.

Life is marvelous. It is too short to allow others to dictate misery in your life. Fill those special moments in your life surrounded by things and people that matter. Setting boundaries is hard, at least for me. Those vampires from my past disappeared as soon as I decided that I was worth loving in a manner that allowed the best of me to shine. These people know my laughter, sorrows, sarcasm, goofiness, bitchiness, kindness, creativity, love and the things that create the totality of me. They are there when I need a shoulder to cry on and a wine glass when I need to unload my craziness.

We’ve lost the sense of unity and community in our lives. Society has become so busy that we forget to get together for a simple meal, or just a cup of coffee. I love how the Italians and the French in Europe live their lives. They work hard but they also know when to quit and gather around their loved ones to enjoy the simplicity in sharing their lives. There is an easement and therapeutic element to sitting with others while allowing laughter, tears, and expression as the only agenda.

Seek and you will find. Put yourself out there. Talk to strangers. Participate in your community. I promise you that you weren’t meant to be alone. You have the ability to design the life you dream of….so go and get it done.

Body Talk


Let my body speak to you

through its texture,






and hear what it says

in the silence of

the imperfections.


Let my body dance



yelling in movements

the mystery of me

never witnessed before,

challenging you

to let everything go.


Let my body be a sponge

taking you in,

draining you out,

and drying your own spirit

by way of mysticism

so divinity can sit

with us together…

forever as one.

Kindness, Please!


Three years ago for Christmas a dear friend gifted me an amazing book by Mark Nepo: ‘The Book of Awakening.’ It’s a daily meditation guide. The pages are worn and marked. The book now looks like it’s been put through a dryer. Every time I pick it up I find something else that I’ve missed the last three years. Words have a way of popping out just when they need to be acknowledged. Yesterday this passage stood out to me, as I struggle with the anger and animosity going on with our citizens.

“There are many reasons to be kind, but perhaps none is as compelling as the spiritual fact that it is what we do. It is how the inner organ of being keeps pumping. Spiders sting. Wolves howl. Ants build small hills that no one sees. And human beings lift each other, no matter the consequences. Even when other beings sting.”

I cried when I read this. It was as if someone let the stopper out of the tub and I drained from it’s excess gasping for something that was unavailable at this time. It was powerful. Have we forgotten at this time “what we do?” Have we lost our way to understand that we are all on different spiritual paths and forms of evolving? Have we deviated from truth because of ideas, convictions and beliefs without once remembering that we must be kind to each other in order to make any form of transformation?

The hardest part of being an empath, or sensitive person, is the constant bombardment of others’ emotions. Even when I am not partaking in their issues, I feel the energy deep in the core of me. I am made to be kind. You are made for kindness. We cannot deviate from our authenticity. This is who we are. We learn how not to be kind, consciously or unintentionally…because we are born with love and kindness in our cells. That’s the starting point to each of us. That’s who we are. That’s what we come here to express to others. That is the web and fabric of our Unity.

Let’s try to return to THAT. Let’s….please…because the alternative really really really sucks! I know it’s our responsibility to be aware of the energy we put out into the world. I want mine to be forgiveness, kindness, and full of love.  I love you.

We Need Love



Yes, Love (a verb, a noun, an adjective…however you want to express it!)

It’s that simple. Everyone should be in love. I’m not talking about relationships. THAT’s awesome too. I am talking about the love that arrives from seeing the radiance in another, mirroring flaws, your joys, your essence and all the shit in between.

Love! Love because that’s all we are here to do. If nothing else, use the love instead of the judge. Don’t like someone’s choice in partners or mates? Love them because it makes them happy. You don’t agree with someone’s political and religious beliefs? You don’t have to…but send compassion and love. You are afraid of something you cannot understand? Love. You fear another person for their darkness in choices and lifestyles? Send love.
It’s not always easy. Hell…it’s pure hell sometimes but love lights the darkness. It dispels obstacles.

Let’s be hatebusters. Let’s battle the darkness through love. Let’s shoot out bands of high energy and frequency to hearts of all. Let’s stand along those who love us and those who don’t and just recognize that we are connected through the magic of this vibe. Go ahead do your eye rolls, mumble your “no-ways” but still find a way to love. I love my naysayers and skeptics. They test the limitations of my heart.

Forgive those who hurt you. You don’t have to entertain them forever but you have to let them go and send love their way. They need it. They need to be released from your heart.

Gift your love. Send love. Give love away like confetti. Sprinkle that shit everywhere you go. Do something magical and BE the love. You cannot give away what you don’t give yourself. So start with you!

**This message is brought to you by someone who is utterly in love with love, in love with life, in love with the faith of humanity and in love with you. Beware…she is sending love to you. Feel it?

Threads of Humanity


Sometimes there is no need

for introductions



when the soul awakens

via stolen glances,

silent conversations,

cautious smiles,


the knowing without understanding

that things are just what they are.

This cloud is the eclipse of spirits

gathering in confirmation

that energy

exists between us,

guided by a string theory of connection


no matter how it is avoided

it will always bring us closer

so the sun can shine

with our inner light

together again

in divinity as one….

We need tribes in our lives


There is an urgency for connection with each other. These are not easy times.  We are on the edge of greatness and chaos. It’s up to us to change how the journey will end.  We are the present and the future. There are folks losing their jobs, their homes, and families. There are others sitting alone in a hospital room watching a loved one fight for their lives. While some others are in the petty claws of political and religious arguments on social media…life is happening out there. Life is happening in here. Life is a series of ongoing movements and motions reminding us that we get to pick the perception and reaction. I don’t know why bad things happen. I don’t know why anything happens. I would like to believe it’s for the evolution of our higher self. I would like to believe it’s part of a larger design. Who truly knows at this point? I have to be led by faith and that onset programming of a higher body of spirit guiding me. 

What I do know is that we need one another. We need tribes of people who raise and join us in our causes and dreams. We need love. We need to know that we aren’t alone in the path of obstacles and challenges. We need to get out of our own head space and truly feel the vibration of another who is part of the overall mass consciousness shifting for a better world. People enter your life for various reasons. They might not stay forever. They might just be passing by. But, their presence exists for a reason. Sometimes they appear to mirror the things you need to work on, and other times to enhance your greatness. When we hurt, we end up hurting another and vice versa. We are not perfect and tribes help us see this truth.

We are made to run in packs like wolves while watching each others’ backs. We need tribes and warriors in our lives to bare our vulnerability, hurts, and passions. We need to gather in moments of weakness and pain. We have to rejoice in moments of joy and love. When one person is in danger of overexposure and breakdowns we need someone to hold us up. If you don’t have this then you need to find your tribe because you aren’t meant to be alone carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. We are all connected in this place by a thread of humanity through love. Do not let ego tell you that you do not need anyone. It’s magnificent to feel the sense of unity even from thousands of miles away. And, yes, it’s heartbreaking when the tribe challenges and changes over time. It feels like you won’t find another. You will. We are always learning who we are through the revolving door of people and relationships.

Those who say, “I don’t need anyone. I am okay alone. Having friends requires too much work.” These folks put up a wall around them and then wonder why they are unhappy, why they aren’t given intimate attention, and why they can’t connect? You will always get what you desire…especially if it’s negative. Whenever I hear these statements I am truly happy and sad for that person. I am happy that they feel content, but I am sad that they are missing out in the beauty of having others support and love them. We are the sum of our experiences. We are legends because of each triumph, failure, obstacle, success and connections with one another. We are not meant to be alone in our grief or losses. We hold communities, families and the world with connection. Humanity wants to be heard. We require the sharing of stories, the acknowledgment for our lives, and love without judgment through listening. This is who we are. There’s an urgency to be accepted, approved, and recognized. There’s an ache to be understood in a time that things are misinterpreted through the greatness of technology.

Hold a friend’s hand in need. Hug your lover as if it was the last time. Kiss those kids tightly. Smile at a stranger. Open doors for an elderly person. Compliment a cashier. Delete the toxic folks out of your life. If they don’t raise you then they have taught you something. It’s time to move on. You will hurt, break and then reconnect with those parts of yourself and others that need more growth. Use your energy wisely. Get out of your head and lovingly give to another who needs to feel that the illusion of loneliness is not drowning their existence. It matters. It all matters to that one human who is struggling with life. Stop the craziness of self doubt and anxiety because there is no way you leave this life alive. Find your tribe and be grateful for them. When we share among others we see that we are not alone in our stories. Everyone is experiencing something similar. Stopping ourselves from reaching out (because of fear, shame, and embarrassment) is an injustice to our spirits. Loneliness, sadness, despair, and so much more are compositions to our journeys but we can still reach out with our love and feel the comfort of another holding us up. We need strong tribes to keep moving through life. You are not alone unless you consciously choose to be. Open your heart…your tribe is waiting for you!

To find our tribe means finding people we can learn from, people who are better at some things than we are, people who have something to teach. We say we want it, but how many of us fear being a beginner more than loneliness and much more than being in the wrong crowd? There is a strange comfort, a sense of safety, to suffering and loneliness. To be happy, to find our family, we must be willing to let that go.” ~Vironika Tugaleva

Union of Two

It has been over ten years since I’ve lived with another person other than my children.  My ex and I co-inhabited on the weekends since we lived 300 miles apart the last six years of our relationship.  Even then it was too much.  He would spend a week at home and then leave back to South Florida allowing me to recuperate from the visit until the following weekend.  The days were manipulated with phone conversations for work and such.  I was never alone.  Six children, animals, appointments, errands and a business left me depleted at the closing of each day.  By the time he returned I was exhausted from running at full speed on a hamster wheel.

Matt has been moving in for weeks.  Our space is limited.  He’s so easy that I forget he’s here at all.  He goes down to the basement to his newly created man-cave.  How will we ever combine two houses into this small one is beyond me, but fitting two souls into this home is miraculously easy.  With his move I have acquired a Great Dane name Titan who is expressing his massiveness very well throughout the house.  And, we now have three cats instead of my outdoor mascot that everyone who visits our retreat center loves…Mystic.

There is a thing about finding the nucleus and harmony to all relationships.  In the past all of mine have been forced and pushed into spaces with a sledge hammer while I grunt, “Damn it! Get in there!!!  This…can…fit.  I…will…make…it…fit… even if it kills me!”  There has to be a common ground willing to expand at all times.  And, for the first time EVER this relationship has evolved out of nowhere into a place full of surprises.  I’ve never lived in such a small house before.  I’ve never had to compromise with another over animals that cause me to sneeze all day long until my body finally gives up and accepts the environmental modifications.  These things are minor.  What I’ve found is that this man is considerate, loving, patient, hysterical, and psychologically equipped to deal with my over-the-top-unicorn-rider emotions.  This Big Bang Theory Man can take one look at my hippie mannerisms and know, without me uttering a word, that there is something that needs to be addressed, handled, or hugged!

The union of two unlikely people fits like the Yin and Yang.  It’s that easy!  He gives me the space in the mornings to do my meditations since I gave up my prayer room in the basement for him to have a hobby and working space. I give him the moments he needs to be creative and play without me asking for the hundredth time, “Would you like something to eat?  Do you need anything? Let’s take a hike at some point please….”  How he puts up with me is beyond my understanding!  We are both writers and our moods can fluctuate depending on what is brewing inside our heads.  We co-exist in this tight building without really noticing the lack of movement because we exist in spirit as one.  We are in the center together without feeling restrains.  He knows I need to be tucked into bed (this is a new thing with me.  In all my forty-five years I have never required a mate to spend time before I go to sleep).  So, Matt lies with me as I drift into dreamland.  He watches TV or plays on the computer next to me every so often talking about things, cracking a joke, or just touching me.  In the morning I le

my matt

ave as he sleeps in.  He’s a night owl; I am an early riser.

This union works unlike any other for me.  What’s the secret?  I like to believe it is the comfort of knowing he’s got my back and I have his.  It’s our spirits acknowledging that we finally found home with one another.  I don’t really know to be honest.  I have always had my running shoes on ready to take off.  With him I feel the comfort of knowing even if I tried to run he will run beside me until I get tired and return to the beginning.  He takes no crap and calls me on mine.  He is a no-nonsense-matter-of-fact personality.  I am always trying to figure out what lessons the universe has for me and how love will change the freaking world.  Because of that, we can laugh at our idiosyncrasies and eccentricities while learning to respect them.   Unity is the conforming and agreement of differences in peace.  This small house has swallowed us whole while teaching us to be in the moment.  It helps that he makes me giggle like a school girl every day and night.  It also helps that he’s so easy on the eyes…!

Holiday Strike

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the holidays.  I raised six children through many celebrating times – in great moments and in difficult ones.  This year I have not decorated the house.  I used to go overboard with designing and decorating rooms to make them as enchanting as possible.  My two youngest will be leaving to visit their father after three years.  This will be the first time I celebrate Christmas alone without children.  In twenty-four years of raising youngsters it is the first holiday that will come and go and have no expecting face looking forward to “something” in the morning.  I am more than fine with it.  Truth be known, I am exhausted from the catering of a month that seems to be turned into a mass-media chaos of gift giving.  The entire significance of these celebrations has been lost to past traditions.

I remember when I first watched, “Four Christmases,” with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn.  I thought, “These people have the right idea…running to an island to celebrate the holidays without having to cater to their crazy families.” (Even though they never got to leave their families) I think the concept is the perfect way of spending these stressful days.

This year I will be enjoying the seven days with quietness.  I get to pick and choose who I will visit.  I can take on my Christmas day tradition and go watch a marathon of new movies.  I have no expectations.  I am not depressed by the idea of this solitude.  I will miss my kids…all of them.  But, I do know that I will see them after the holidays. Santa Claus received my memo and he is static to have one less place to visit!

My father walked out of my life the day before Xmas when I was nine.  He went to get a pack of cigarettes in the other side of the universe.  Never returning for the festivities, I spent many Christmases in my youth waiting to see if he was going to show up around that time.  Somehow I had programmed my little head that if he left in Christmas time he would also return during the season like some sort of festive-boomerang.  Raising my children, an ex who hated the holidays, and making sure everything was just perfect sucked a giant space out of me every year.  I would cringe when I started to see the holiday decorations in the stores right after Halloween.  And now it seems that Christmas is starting even earlier.

The holidays shouldn’t be about stress.  They should be about taking those precious moments of sharing, eating, relaxing and loving those close to you. They should be about gratitude, reflecting and spending time in a spiritual connection with others we love.  We, as a society, have added so much strain into those days.  Just go into any airport during the season and see people yelling, chaotic frenetic behavior, horrific energy everywhere, as they have to appear in some other location that will cause the inflation of any pharmaceutical drug stock on Wall Street to hit all time highs.  Depression is on a rise during these days, and the entire experience of being with those we really don’t want to see is just depleting.  It is what it is because we have created it.  We have created a monster out of the holiday season while missing out on the importance of unity, community, and spirituality.

My children’s father will get to spoil these two teenagers after such a long absence.  I am being spoiled by just the act of him having them.  It is a precious gift this year.  They need this time with him, finally.  I need this time alone, finally.  I love being home.  I love waking up and having a bathroom to myself, clean kitchen and the quietness of my mountain home.  And at the end of the seven days, I will be missing them and wanting them home ASAP.  I will relish the laughter they will provide when they come home to their spaces.

The holidays need to go back to simplicity.  We need to return to the moment of joining in each others’ presence and being present without the craziness of over indulging in material presents.  Setting boundaries seem to go out the window during these times.  I, for one, am ready to dive into a few new novels, some old movies, and the beauty of sharing with those I love.  Have a great holiday season, my friends.  My holiday strike is well deserved for this one time.  I look forward to next year’s bombardment of decorations and chaos.  For now I refuse to let the stress squander the real meaning of these days.  Share, give and receive in spirit.  Much love to you all…Millie!