Baby Steps

Our little boy, who is still in Foster care in Florida, took his first steps alone today. Like…completely alone with a huge smile. He got up by himself.

Let me explain why this is a HUGE event.

See, he was confined to a tiny space the first 10 months of his life. He didn’t crawl or get up or sit up. He was immobile… pretty much.

But, with the grace of God and a wonderful angelic foster family, he is thriving. He has been getting physical therapy. He is showing up, being fully present, and doing the work needed to heal.

He took his first baby steps! Recovering. Moving forward. Happily stepping into his own.

He reminds us to be brave. To move forward. To keep going. He is teaching us to take our own baby steps even when we are fearful.

That’s our boy! That’s our baby, at 13 months, compassionately and fully plunging into the unknown.

We anxiously wait for the day we get the okay to go get him. Meantime, he is doing what he’s suppose to do under the care of a loving family.

If he can do it so can we.

Walk of Silence


The labyrinth called for me last night. I woke, still in my pajamas, found my old prayer beads and headed to the back woods to answer the call. As the fog danced over the trees, the trail dressed in green moss whispered even louder. Spring is clearly entering the mornings this week even with the light rain. And, then, there in a nook of the forest the labyrinth surprised me with a lit path waiting with enchantment.

Something magical happens the moment we enter a labyrinth joining the psyche and the soul through the repetition of steps and motion. In moments of pure presence, meditation, prayer or deep consciousness the labyrinth answers without even asking questions. It is mystical. On this particular morning the earth sustained me through my bare feet with cold, wetness, and a bit of discomfort. Each step, turn, and movement was a metaphor for the twist and turns of the mind. The labyrinth became a sacred intimate union between body and spirit. I’ve been walking in circles all of my life never stopping to pay attention to each curve until a few years ago. Now I see and hear those things that connect me to the Great Mysteries. This walk was a reminder of such clarity and the challenges of the unbeaten path to get here.

I am grateful for each human connection through the journey and the lessons that have reshaped me. I now honor my yearnings, thoughts, images and dreams by allowing them to show me the way in co-creating through an intuitive path. This morning, upon my entrance I inhaled the cold dew and when I exited a while later I exhaled truth: the labyrinth allowed time and space to dissolve. I was transported to the sacred land of divinity. The silence spoke to me, showed me, liberated me while gently loving myself through God.

We walk in circles. We do it unconsciously. The secret is to walk in complete awareness of Divinity through trust. It is this silent guidance that brings wisdom and comfort into our troubled moments. Allow the path to guide you wherever it will take you. Embrace the road ahead. Accept the maze in your mind to surrender to the sacredness in your heart. Love, light and peace always!

“One step at a time is good walking.” -Unknown

Walk of Silence in PQR

Solitary Sessions

There is a necessity yearning, often times screaming, from our soul to find solitude. Some don’t listen and overwork themselves into busyness in order to avoid the quietude and depth that lies inside. Retreating to one’s own company is a must. I love people. I will talk to anyone but I also love myself so much to acknowledge when my spirit needs solitude. I have been gifted the most wonderful mate who understands my seclusion because he needs it as well. Winter has been all about hibernating. It has been brutal at times. Now leaving the outer banks I have honored my body, mind and essence with such kindness that I can re-enter the world and feel the plenitude of joy.

The salty air washed all allergies away. I had no headaches or body discomfort. I slept, read, wrote, walked, drank plenty of water, laughed, and indulged in my vino. I ate junk food, put the music on and moved to my body’s delight. I didn’t have to worry about guests, anyone showing up, only my thoughts through prayer and meditation. I picked up shells and rocks in shape of hearts and admired the clouds touching the horizon line. I witnessed the birds chasing the tide, sand dancing to the wind and the sun coming up or down depending on which side of the island I visited. I sat for hours watching the wind and paying attention to the trees. I was in full awareness and embraced by beauty. If the need to speak arouse I did and communicated with others, if not I abided my feelings. I breathed. I exhaled solitude. I took in moments of processing and memories of the past without owning their discomfort. I got everything I needed in order to return to my mountains and be present for others. Everyone needs this solitude. It is imperative to survival. Neglecting the yearning is a small painful death that only gets cured within one’s serene aloneness.

There’s a strange calmness, no matter who you are with, that arrives when the spirit has been filled with aloneness for a while. That wholeness enters and the body adheres with contentment. The sacred mysteries of life speak clearly. It is up to us to listen and determine when we need solitude. You may be able to find this aloneness within friends, in a retreat or in a bathtub filled with aromatherapy. May you find that sacred space in your life in a way that is graceful and grateful to you. It is a mystical way to love and honor your spirit.

“In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.” -Virginia Woolf