Awards and Nominations

From time to time I get nominated for some sweet blog awards that require me to answer a few questions about myself and then nominate a list of other blogs that inspire me.  I am constantly being inspired by a daily list of bloggers (too many to list).  These awards feel more like obligation rather than an award.  I have to admit I am horrible about following directions and adding or doing anything that requires more than a two process action.  Literally I go on a meltdown.  It overwhelms me.  I thank you all for your constant support.  It is shocking to me that anyone would stop by, read my blog, and then add me to an award and/or nomination.  I am always flattered and touched.  Usually, I am so touched that I get a little weepy.  The biggest award anyone can give me is your time to stop by and read the things I write.  So please without feeling rejected or thinking I am self-absorbed I will no longer be accepting blogging awards.   Your presence on my page, feedback, thoughts and sweet comments are more than enough I could ask for!!!!!

Here are 30 little facts about me:

1.  I am an extremely sarcastic person.  This is not a trait I brag about.  The words that sometimes come out of my mouth seem to be pushed out by an unknown force.  Luckily most of my friends and family are very sarcastic as well.   The older I get the less filtering I seem to have.

2.  I am a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, so much so that I have a figurine in my car of Michelangelo who is my favorite.  Consequently I can watch the movies over and over and zone out.

3.  I hate talking on the phone.  Actually I loathe it more than anything.  I have zero phone etiquette.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to have a phone for my business I would actually not have a phone at all.

4.  My favorite color is green.  My least favorite is yellow.

5.  I love hiking and being in nature.  I am grateful to be living in the most beautiful mountain range.

6.  My kids raised me into motherhood.   I don’t know who I would be without them.  They have been my best teachers in life.

7.  I have an amazing circle of friends and family.   I love to entertain at home.  I enjoy watching people truly relax and interact with each other.

8.  My favorite time of the day is morning time.  I love the quietness and stillness of entering into a new day and being totally grateful for the extra chance to do things right…one more time.

9.  I am very impatient with myself.  I have lots of patience with others but when it comes to me, patience is non-existence.

10.  I am Puerto Rican but speak Spanish like a Cuban.  Years of being with a Cuban man left the gift of that accent.   Consequently, most people think I am from New York even though I’ve only visited NYC twice.

11.  I love sunflowers, blue skies, warm weather, and endearing words.  “Sweetie, darling, honey, or baby” start most of my sentences when having a friendly conversation.

12.  I try to laugh as much as possible.  I am goofy and rarely take myself seriously.  Overall, I am a happy person.   Laughter is one of my favorite sounds.

13.  I have no tolerance for intolerance, prejudice, gossip, ignorance, bigotry and stupidity.

14.  I love high heel shoes.  Since I moved to the country I rarely wear them but when I go back to visit family in the city I indulge in my heels.

15.  I try to meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes.

16.  I write every day.  I have thousands of poems, too many journals, and most of them are truly depressing from my past.

17.  I cry easily….in happy moments and in sad ones.  It doesn’t take much to get me weepy.

18.  I love books, coffee, teas, warm socks and a perfect quote, not necessarily in that order.

19.   I avoid confrontations as much as possible.  Also avoid anything to do with heated discussions such as political views and religions.

20.  I love entertainment magazines or news.  Could care less about world events but start talking about movie stars and my interest is peeked.  It’s a sickness and I should get help for it.

21.  I am an avid reader sometimes read several books a week.

22.  I don’t follow directions.  Whether it is for an address, building something, or recipes I cannot stay focus long enough.

23.  I believe we are here on earth to learn and experience as much as possible from each other.  Everything that happens has a purpose.  You must take the good with the bad and absorb it.  Thank God for the journey!  I also believe in the power of intention, the law of attraction, and the law of allowance.

24.  I am a giver and have a really hard time receiving anything…even compliments.

25.  I love rocks…especially heart-shaped ones.  I look for love everywhere.  Call me a hopeless romantic.

26.  I think in absolutes, yeses, and definite.  I jump into things spontaneously without thinking of consequences.

27.  I am a huge hugger and touchy feely type of person.   I also will talk to just about anyone or anything for that matter.    One of my favorite things is to listen to others tell stories about themselves.

28. I am morbidly afraid of lizards…the only thing I fear.

29.  I love traveling, meeting new cultures, and experiencing the world in a way that I can connect the lines back to me.

30.  I love reading all of your blogs.

Now you know some useless information about me.  I hope this makes up for all the award nominations.   Thank you for your constant support with my site.  This blogging experience has enriched my life because I am being inspired by so many amazing writers every day.  I have become attached to some of you like if I’ve known you all of my life….Much love and light always…Millie

7 thoughts on “Awards and Nominations

  1. Hi
    I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please visit to review my post. I know you do not respond to such awards, but I thought I should let you know, anyhow. Please do not worry that I will in any way feel rejected. I like your work, I mentioned it, so I just stopped by to let you know.
    Thank you

  2. Hokulani🌺

    I have come to realize that we have so much more in common than I knew, which makes so much sense why I’m so drawn to your FB posts and now your blog. Thank you for reminding me of this reflection and inspiring me to be more fluid in my thought process. You hold this light & love and I’m starting to understanding that I do too, it’s just finding it within me and igniting it….so Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo for all the love and joy you share. It is greatly appreciated.

    I Aloha You!!!

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