Sacred Sunday

C.S. Lewis said, “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”  


I cannot look sideways or forward without looking inward first and foremost at my strengths and weaknesses. I am reminded how humility teaches me to be with love, with the self, and with God.

Falling on my knees in prayer I am connecting with the oneness of all there is and will ever be…divinity. Humility forces me to be kinder, gentler, while forgiving the things that come my way. The stronger the trials, the longer the patience, the easier it is to be humbled. There is nothing else to do. I accept the insults, the judgments, the heart aches and bring them to the understanding that they must uncover the triggers in my own faults. I choose the things that hurt to partake in a deeper union with Source. When things are easy there is no need to pray so this is an opportunity to strengthen my spirituality. Belief and faith bring forth the humble heart.

Stop the ego chit-chat, the self sabotage that arrives from giving others power over you. You cannot move with light and an open heart while worrying about what others perceive. It’s about how YOU live through your own experiences. Be present. Be aware. Be love. Be forgiving without making a spectacle of it all. Be generous with all that makes you kind. 

I challenge you to sit with your humility. I urge you to take moments of silence and accept the things you cannot change and not beat yourself up. The only control you have is in the choices you get to make for you. Find the balance between what is and what is not. I promise you will be amazed!!!



There are millions of stories in a bookstore. And, then, there are the ones in books, sitting on shelves waiting to be held and embraced through the eyes and into the heart. But, I love the ones sitting across from me: the father with his autistic teenager helping him with a coloring book; The mother with her elderly aunt carefully placing her coffee on the table for her while handing her a magazine; The older gentleman who pretends to be reading but he is ingesting and digesting prejudgments and criticism without engaging with another. And then…there two aisles down the little chubby girl sitting on the carpet reading a book with a ballerina…dreaming of what could be and what could happen when a prince comes to find her. 
A million stories intercept and criss cross around us. 

Take time to look up. Smile. Step away from the prison of manic and crazy obsession building in your head. Look around. There is always something magical to witness. There is always someone amazing to meet. There is a world outside of your phone, computer and head. 

This is how we connect. This is how we learn to love others. We get to view through a tiny window into their world…one second or for hours. We realize we aren’t as alone as we have been led to believe.

Explosion of Love 

We forget the moments that shape us until way after the experience. We don’t know when we are moving through growth, magic and transformation until the moment passes. It is then that we look back and realize how strong we really are. It is in those memories that we experience the lesson through a different perception. Because while we are undergoing a trauma, a challenge, a loss, a betrayal, or a significant circumstance, we are too busy surviving. We are too busy coping and figuring out the crap of our existence. But, when the moment passes we breathe, we exhale and we realize we are freaking awesome. You don’t know who you are until something rattles you and then you transcend into something powerful!
You are here in spite of illnesses, major losses, huge catastrophic events while making the most out of the journey. You forget how incredible you are. You get up and keep going and rarely acknowledge how intricate your decisions and choices are…while still participating in surviving. You are living! You attract those like you so make yourself absolutely magical! You are here to live to the fullest, so stop dwelling in what you can’t change. Let that shit go! Pat yourself on the back! You are tenacious and relentless. You don’t know how incredible this life is because you get to be part of the mass consciousness of Oneness. Here you are, smiling, nodding your head in accordance, and believing that you are ready for anything else ahead. Good job! Do you hear that sound? That’s the explosion of love and the yumminess that comes with acknowledging yourself. Heart pats all around!!!

Make this weekend about love.

Your Passion 

I am rarely shocked by anything or anyone. There’s really not much that can shake me up and deeply put me in a state of deep wordlessness. At the same token there are things that others say they are impossible and I claim them to be probable. It’s in that place of astonishing amazement that magic moves. It’s in the moments of mystical surprises that we evolve and surpass a place of bewilderment. Our passion fuels us and heightens our perception. What we know to be true changes constantly. Our desires and dreams move from where we are now into what we aspire for tomorrow. 

Follow the heart’s desires. It knows more than the logical mind. Nothing exciting ever happens in the comfort of conformity and dullness. Venture into the unknown and trust that the Universe has your back at all times.

Borrowed Time

Every morning down the road from home, a thin older man, dressed in a blue mechanic worker’s shirt walks up and down the street. Sometimes when it’s raining he walks with an umbrella and often times he just walks without a care in the world allowing for the water to bathe him. I’ve never seen him outside of that uniform.

Each morning I create an addition to his stories. I don’t believe he is a mechanic. I feel he was and now every morning he just walks. 

With each step I wonder about his health, his life, his dreams, his children and wife and what makes and breaks him. I wonder about his daily dedication and, once in a while deep in my pondering, I start to tear up. I have seen many like him in facilities. But, for all I know he might just be a healthy older gentleman exercising before work. 

The look in his eyes, every single morning, speaks of regrets and something deeper. It says, “I am not done, but if only….”

I make sure I leave at a certain time to catch him. He has become this constancy in my morning before work. He has become the sugar in my coffee that creates bunches of Aha Moments. He reminds me of what we are and what we aren’t when the world isn’t focusing on us. 

We are here on borrowed time. Make the most of it, even if it means walking in the rain, dancing naked in your backyard, and sending kisses to strangers. Life is a journey of a million steps that blend into others. 

Have a beautiful day my friends. Make love a priority. Things are drastically shifting and we need to connect and feel the love. We are the love!

Stay Open 

Every single day the world asks something of you. It will poke you, drag you, and tear you apart. Your only control is to remain in a place of love, joy and acceptance. Stay open to the magic and wonders of the journey. You cannot change another’s life. We have no idea how long we get to stay on this path. So, be present with whatever you are given. Choose to stay in light. Be someone’s lighting bug. Today…be a firefly and shine upon those you meet. Share a smile, your passion for life, kindness, and compassion. Illuminate someone’s path. You never know what another is going through but just being there with pure divine light is exactly what they need. You get to choose how you react and act.


Connections. Everywhere. Each day you get the chance to speak to someone and brighten them. We are made from those moments. We evolve soul-to-soul. 

I was in the line at Starbucks. The man in front was much older, on his phone reading the news. The young woman behind me was flipping through Facebook. I took a deep inhale of the coffee beans floating through the air. I exhaled pure joy. He looked at me. So I asked, “Do you remember the first time you smelled coffee?” He was taken aback. Then I witnessed the emotions and thoughts coming through. I saw the words before they were shared through his smile. 

“Yes. Absolutely. It was in my grandmother’s farm. The world was much simpler then….” His words touched him through deep nostalgia. 

I asked the 20-something young woman. She said, “We lived near a coffee shop. My mom always made it a point to take me and my sister on Saturday mornings for treats. The smell was so sweet! We loved those days.” Her eyes sparkled. 

There is something so magical about memories. Food, flowers, places, people…they bring us together. They web the fabric of humanity into a giant tapestry of colors. One question opens windows into another’s life. One word can be the key that unlocks Mystical paths. 

Ask. Share. Partake in the simple experiences. It’s just so freaking yummy.