I woke this morning
to the sound of
your breathing,
murmurs echoing
through the curvature
of my neck
draping it with heat.
I reached my right hand
pawing your beard,
whiskers sanding the softness
of me to the slightest touch
while a smile escaped you
with a “good morning!”
I stared at the gentle soul
dressed in a man
I am passed the “falling” part
and have
moved into the befallen
lost in La-la Land
without a returned ticket.
I will wait for you to catch up
to these emotions
as I think of the nights,
the days and moments
embraced in simplicity
of ecstasy.
I am crazy about you
as you have manifested
everything I’ve ever dreamt
in a partner.

Thank you, darling!



Listen closely,

            Truth is quiet

pressing against the walls

                        hoping                       you take notice

            and find the strength to open up

                                    a window

and let the air                     of life inside.

Truth isn’t lurking in the              shadows

            but it is the light

                                                that penetrates

through treasures

                                    of         forgotten images

            while You                 make up stories

                        masquerading        a façade,

trying to fit into the world and expectations.

Listen attentively,

            Truth is patient

waiting for you to take it,

                        to call for it,

and dance                in harmony.

            It stands,       swaying to the music of your spirit,

            watching you reject it over and over

until one day

            you can’t avoid the light that it brings

                        and you must take Truth

into you         as when a mother embraces her newborn child –            engulfed in all the love

                                    and peace

                                                             it brings…

through the divinity in you.

No More Betrayal

The heart breaks
through the depth
of a giant quake
as fear hides in tiny creases
and illusion grabs for
dear life.
It is hard to let go
of that which does not
serve the spirit.
Ego fights to survive,
kicking and screaming
for acceptance,
and assurance.
what if through the break
you allow divine light
to be the rescuer
of such amazing lessons
and replace the spaces
with grace and peace?
There. In there,
through the tender flesh
expanding to find answers,
breathing to find justice,
you can be free.
Then you will witness
the vastness and greatness
of universal brotherly love.

The Connection

Words are uttered onto a page

like waves gently sliding into shore –

this is my terrain

allowing the flow of emotions without hesitation.

Injunction, introduction, information and imitation

of all that lies within

through cautiousness and clarity

while consenting to the beauty of each sound

and sketching it neatly

on the script.

Sleek and slender symmetry of lines

crossing in and out

while a cursor leads the way

confessing a truth to who I am.

With each character drawn onto the page

syllables flow into a conjunction of rhythm

parading into adjectives, nouns, verbs and such.

And, then magic happens as a connection

between the word and the reader

become one

through eloquence of language

manipulated with effortless control

while letters dance around to create

one sentence,


and then…an end

to a story that now engages


and me

for just a little while.


It has taken me

a lifetime

to understand

the nothingness…

the silence that comes

from the depth

of earth,

of you,

of me

because the vastness

in its emptiness

somehow stood frightened

of the awareness.

In this hollowness

created of infinite

divine wisdom

I comprehend

who I am,

what I am,


the finality

that I am not….



fingerprintsYou left your      scent

l I n g e r I n g

on my sheets

so I dug              my nose all night

into the depth of pillows

desperately recollecting those moments. 

When I am away from you

I miss my hands

c a s c a d I n g






your skin,

softly infusing the tips

of my fingerprints,

draining them of

me    and    the flashback

of our togetherness.

You are the imprint of a soul searching

for                          identity    through    my touch      and all I am without