The next step in our journey

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure and for your involvement in past years. I am excited to announce that we are moving to an upgraded website full of new opportunities to help you on your sacred journey. We have tried our best to move all of the content from this website to there so all of the old posts and comments can still be found there. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to the next step in our journey.

Let It Go!

When my eldest son was about 12 years old he admitted to me that he thought Prince (the singer) was his real dad. His dad left when he was 2-1/2 and for whatever reason he got it in his little head that Prince was his dad. My son’s name is Nelson. Prince’s last name was Nelson. So, he just presumed that I named him after Prince. His father’s name was Nelson.

The stories we tell ourselves, from early on, become stepping stones for our future. That anticipation of meeting his famous dad was something he carried for many years. I didn’t know this. But the other day, he shared (now at 32 years old) that a conversation I had with him when he was 14 changed his life. He said he had so much anger towards his real father and, at least when he thought he was famous, it was okay to not be around because he was touching the world in big ways through his music. But, when he realized that his real dad was just an irresponsible man who never took care of him and his brother, Nelson was angry for a long while.

Apparently one day, as he tells the story (I had a brain injury a year later so I don’t remember this), I pulled him out of school midday and took him to a park.He said I sat next to him and said to him, “Nelson, if you don’t let him go, he will always be ruling your future with expectations that he will never fulfill. If you want Prince to be your dad, then it’s a lovely fantasy. But, to hate someone you can’t be around and blame your behavior on his behavior is not fair to your soul. Your dad left and never looked back. DO you think he deserves all that attention?” He shared this and I began to cry because I can’t remember this conversation. He said that after that talk, he made a decision to let his real dad go. Also, he let the idea of Prince go too, lol. He even shared that some of Prince’s songs touched him deeply during that time.

If we don’t release the history, we can’t create healthy relationships with ourselves and others. We are truly amazing creatures, healing and expanding and learning and multidimensional.I hope you let the past go. It’s heavy. The emotional baggages need to be put down. Write a letter, burn it. Or just cut cords with whoever and whatever is no longer bringing you joy. I love you! ~m.a.p.

Beach Walk with God

I had a walk on the beach with God this morning. I went into meditation using some amazing music a friend in Finland has created. I found myself walking along the shoreline of this gorgeous beach.

I wrapped my arm around my bodacious tall black woman with Caribbean accent as she held me close. Our feet parted the water, sinking into the sand… taking in the salty air, the sound of birds, the hollowness of wind moving through the trees.

Me: “I am so happy to be here with you again.”

God: “Me too, ma’ child.”

Me: “I am struggling. You know! I feel like I am failing somehow with being a parent.”

God: “I understand (she giggled). I know how you feel. I am always witnessing my own creations and wondering how my children don’t ask me for more help. I am only a thought away. Children want to know answers without really waiting for them. They ask and ask and interrupt and not make time to listen. You make the time to sit and find me. You are one of my favorites, Mildred America.”

Me: I laughed loudly. “I say that all the time to people about being my favorites.”

God: “And where you think you got that from, ma’ child? Every thought of joy, compassion and love comes from me.”

Me: still laughing… “True! I never thought of it that way.”

God: “What has been your favorite thing in this life?” (She held my arm tightly. The water began to wet her white linen pants. I smelled the Rose scent that always arrives from her as she moves with ease). “I know you have many, but I want to hear you tell me your top favorite one.”

Me: “My children. My kids are definitely my favorite of all things. Even in their challenges and struggles and distances. They’ve made me more compassionate. They’ve been my favorite teachers.”

God: “Ain’t that something! Me too. My children, each one of you, are my favorite of all creations!”

I held tighter to her arm. We stopped and looked out into the vastness of ocean and mountains around us. I took in the silence between us and she hugged me tightly. I felt the immense essence of love and safety. I was being cradled by the ultimate omnipotence source of creation. I broke the silence: “I never take these moments for granted with you in my dreams or in my meditations. Thank you for sharing this time.”

God: She wiped my tears and bent down to kiss my forehead. And in the most endearing accent she said, “Now gwan… you is late for more mamahood. Mi soon come when you need me!”

And so God let go of me and sent me back to this dimension with several answers to my questions as the smell of roses lingered on. There is always a prolonged peace after our encounters. Her words echo throughout the passing hours. Her touch reaches my heart as if I am being supported by something extra in my story. I am made new… and I am transformed from doubt into a deep faith in the unknown.



Hello Darlings!

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Free book

Hello darlings!

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Meetings with God

I had a dream two nights ago… really profound. I dreamt with Keanu Reeves.

I know, right?! Keanu!!! That in itself is magical. Do you know how hard it is to get him in a dream? He’s in high demand these days.

He was on his motorcycle and he stopped right in front of me on a street in a small town. I was over the moon excited. I mean, it was Keanu in his leather jacket looking all Keanuie. My body melted. Imagine Keanu stopping to talk to ME? He explained that he wasn’t really Keanu. He was God but he was using his body as a vessel to get my attention.

Oh! He got it. I was impressed.

He asked me to climb on the back of his motorcycle. And I did, wrapping my arms tightly around him. He gave me a helmet and it had a microphone so we could converse.

So, there I was on the back of his motorcycle and we rode through the desert. I could see the Grand Canyon up ahead. The vastness of space was spine-tingling. And he said to me, “Let go. Put your hands up.”
I hesitated, but I did it. I tightened my legs against the bike. I feared falling off.  I could feel the heat against my skin. I put my arms out and let the wind guide me. The speed was enough to knock me off but I balanced myself against God and the unknown.

Then he said, through the microphone in our helmets, “Millie, let go and feel the wind. I am guiding you. You aren’t in control. Just feel the freedom and enjoy! This is how you need to live.”

I yelled, “Weeeee!” I was so full of carefree giddiness.

He laughed. And he reminded me again that He is always guiding me. All I need to do is trust. I need to move with the flow of what is and let my knowing lead.

So… God, looking all sexy on that bike, said a few more things I can’t remember. I do remember the feelings. I felt like I could do anything. And I can.

Last week I visited with God as a bodacious black woman with a beautiful Caribbean accent. I met with her during meditation. She was in a cabin in the middle of a rainforest. She invited me for tea. I smelled the sweetness coming from the kitchen and she came out with my grandmother’s delicious bread pudding. And so there we were… chit chatting like old friends, God and me.

In less than a week the Divine has found a way to connect with me. I feel something magical happening all around us. Do you? We are always so in tune with guidance. The trick is to make time to listen. And when God shows up… drop everything and tune in.


What a Year!

As we come to close this year, I reflect. It’s been a doozie one. It’s been a year of chaos and pain; loss and gains; uncertainties and many unknowns. We’ve been put through a meat grinder at times without knowing exactly when it will end. The collective can now begin to heal. You and I will do that together even if it’s from afar.

On a personal level it’s been an emotionally difficult one. I feel like I have aged several years. I am exhausted. My physical body has held on to some masterful bullshit the last 9 months. But, I am also fully aware that some years feel like a decade while others are absolutely delicious full of magic and blessings.

This morning I woke extra earlier. I said my prayers, sat in meditation and wrote out things I desire next year. I am doing no intentions. I have absolutely zero expectations for what may come. I am letting go…. on various levels. I am just releasing it to be amused and entertained by the Universal surprises. I love surprises!

This past year has definitely shown me the strength of my human heart. It has allowed me to witness humanity from afar and up close and personal. One thing I’ve learned is that no one will take care of you the way you need to care for yourself. It’s your human and spiritual duty. And, I have shifted the blame game as well. No one, and I mean no one, is responsible for how you feel. That’s all on you. You get to decide who and what you allow to take away your joy.

It’s felt like a chess game at times, carefully moving on a board, with lots of calculations, as not to be deleted from the game. It has truly felt like the world got caught up on a massive web of intricate and dangerous moves. But, here we are. We are navigating it all together and I am beyond grateful for those around me.

Be kind to yourself. I haven’t always been kind to myself this year. I’ve beaten myself up for mistakes. I hold myself accountable for shit that isn’t even mine. I have degraded this miraculous soul of mine many times. I have not spoken up when I should’ve. So the only thing I will do next year is to put her first and foremost. It’s time. I love you. Go love yourself with the same ferocity you love others. I am doing it!

Unhealed People

I spent a large part of my life hiding. Recently, after a healing session with an incredible soul, I recognized the patterns and programming. I shared with an old friend who immediately said, “Oh honey, you’ve been hiding all your life. I’m so sorry!”

Her sorry was genuine and my tears flowed out again. She saw me. Really saw the trail of bullshit left behind by a Narcissistic mother. And I’ve been working on cutting cords for so long. I tend to listen to the voices of the past when I try to lead my children in the now. I don’t want to be like my mother. I second guess every single major decision in spite of what my heart and intuition show me.

In spite of all my deep awareness and knowing I am not exempt from all my human lessons and challenges. I am always on the trail of mending.

Healing is about release. It’s surrendering to the now while letting go of what has kept you captive. This can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I don’t believe in examining and re-examining the past because that story is no longer there. We create new ones but at some point ancestral wounds need to be cut.

Sometimes we don’t really know what’s inside no matter how much we work on ourselves. It takes an outsider to guide your spirit on a new journey and quest.

Here is what I continue to learn daily: unhealed people hurt through their unknowing-ness. They don’t recognize they are hurting anyone, especially a child. As I continue to feel seen the vulnerability is heighten. I am no longer a little chubby scared girl feeling judged by the world. I am no longer a 20 something woman walking on eggshells afraid of what others think of me.

The healing sticks when we become aware of how we allow toxic energy from others. Those folks continue to show up to remind us of our growth. I am blessed they continue to show me how to set healthy boundaries.

I hope you can also see them and send them love. You don’t have to participate in their dramas. I see you. I honor you. I love you.

Everything is Possible – Livestream Class getting closer

YOU make it happen.  As we get closer to this event I am getting so excited. I have seen the magic happen because of the content in this program. It has been transformative for me and thousands. 

Manifesting is the next step of humanity!

Hello Darlings!

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Millie, Mindy, Marilyn & Joeaux (with Adironnda & The Council of Light) 

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Life is Epic

I woke this morning sick of my stories, the drama I repeat, and the never ending struggle to find peace among the storms that are not real but living in my little head. It’s sickening. This being, and just allowing, is not for sissies. No one said that the spiritual walk was meant to BE a walk in the park! It takes massive amount of discipline and I don’t follow orders very well…even when it’s from the esoteric world. So…I got up…did my meditation…had to stop right in the middle and said, “F*@k this crap! I can do this. I have manifested incredible experiences in this lifetime. I can let this go and move on without this struggle. This is my own ego creating this shit! I am more than this scene, this stage, and this production!!!”

I got up turning the “cannot” into “will do.”

We have the complete capacity and power to change our thoughts. In those moments I feel the swirl of energy directing me into joy, faith, and love. The heart opens up when I let go of the toxic stories I retell myself. It’s just a shift in perception. I promise.

Aren’t you sick of your same old stories, drama, struggles, and total bullshit (because it is just crap)? Then change the channel…tune into the mass consciousness of love…for you and the world. Get out of your head. Get out of your way…you got this! I know it may all feel heavy at this moment.

Put it down. Stop giving it power. Move away from it for a little while. You may come back to it at another time.

Onward and outward, darlings. Take one breath at a time and move through your knowing. Accept your magnificence and inner guidance. That is your internal GPS. Reroute if you must. But keep going.

Have a blessed day! I love you.