Don’t Waste a Day without Laughter 

The other day I went into Starbucks. The young woman on the other side of the counter was mesmerized with the long strands of sparkles in my hair. I motioned her to come closer to whisper. She met me half way across the counter. “These are strands of fairy hairs. Someone has a job of cutting the hair from fairies and we get to put them in our on heads. It gives me magical powers.” She didn’t know what to make of that. So she backed away smiling and nodded. “Really?” she asked. I went on to tell her something really far-off and silly. She began to shine like the strands of sparkles in my hair. 
I placed the order. She asked me for a name. I told her “Giggles.” She started to giggle. “Of course it is!” shaking her head, showing me her beautiful teeth, throwing her head back and trying to compose herself for the next customer.

I went to the end of the counter. The drink was made and the barista yelled, “Chai latte for Giggles.” The place started to giggle. See that’s the thing about laughter, it’s freaking contagious. Who said I can’t be Giggles one day? I’ve been Fairy, Sparkles, Bubbles, Babbles, Twinkle and Dazzle. Each time the name gets yelled out and someone takes a look at a middle-aged woman giggling her way to the counter, there are looks of joy (or criticism). But, there is always a chorus of silliness.

Bring on the joy through the simplest of things. You can be anything you want. Stop taking yourself so serious. You are NOT gonna leave here alive so have a heck of a lot of fun along the way. Be whatever you want to be. Make another laugh, it heals. Make them feel happy. You might just be the perfect energetic chord that attaches and lifts their spirits. ~m.a.p.

Rise to the Occasion 

I keep finding love. Surprises me because it’s never really lost. It’s there waiting to be acknowledged. But, when I find it in the most unusual of places, well I am moved by lack of ego towards it all. I am reminded of growth and awareness. I experience the ultimate pleasures of the Open divine consciousness without the mind chit chatting it away.  
We as a whole in this world need to learn to tolerate without judgment. We need to allow the ego to fall to the side in order to help others without discriminating. Whether it is for the homeless, the illegal immigrant, the single mother, the homosexual, the drug addict, the HIV patient, or anyone who is human and imperfect like we are! If you haven’t experienced their life please be kind enough to send love, prayers and allow your ego to take a backseat. Never diminish one struggle over another. Never judge what you haven’t undergone. The harshness of opinions, criticism, and intolerance seems to cause more than just wars. It is depleting our world from the faith in humanity. Unless you walked the talk…please sit down and quiet the mouth.  

As I always tell my children when they try to argue a point they know nothing about, “But, but, but, Mom….” I say, “The only but is the one you need to sit on and be quiet until you have experienced it yourself.”   

We are one. We are connected in this giant web of humanness.  

Learn from others but don’t allow your preconceptions determine the person they are, can be, or should become. You never know where life can (and will) take you. Karma has a way of teaching powerful lessons when we carry a closed mind and heart.

Now go out there and show your superpowers of loving and compassion. Love as loudly as you can. Boooommmmm!

My Favorite

When my children were little I would go say goodnight to them in their rooms, give them kisses, and whisper, “You are my favorite. By far! Don’t tell your brothers and sisters cause they will be hurt. This is our little secret, so shhhhh!” I would make sure they felt that they were number one. 

Three years ago, over Christmas holidays at my home in the mountains, three of the adult children were sitting around the table. One said to the other, “You don’t know. I was always Mom’s favorite. She told me never to tell you.” The brother responded, “No way, dude! I’m her favorite. She would say it to me every night.” My daughter looked at me in the kitchen from the dining room table, almost hurt to tears, “Mom, I thought I WAS YOUR FAVORITE!” I had to come clean, of course, cause they are all my favorites.  

As a parent you want to make sure they all have that one special KNOWING that they are seen, heard, loved and acknowledged. Some of these children suffered from severe mental disorders. They needed that extra oomph to believe in the magic of love. Now, with our 3-1/2 year old, I catch myself again whispering at night in her ear, “Kali bug, you are my favorite! By far, you are my all time favorite.” She laughs and whispers back, “you my favorite. You my best friend.” And then she goes to whisper it to her daddy. 

Here is the thing I know about love. You have to let those you love know it, feel it, and understand that the essence of your spirit shouts for them. Whether it is your spouse, mate, mother, father, children, or friend. It’s important to let them feel that they are in your life and you wholeheartedly love them. I know I say the words “I love you” a lot…to everyone. But when I say them, I mean them. I don’t always say them to people. Sometimes I just say “I appreciate you.” This is almost acknowledging to myself that they haven’t graduated to that level yet. Some people take time to get into the heart…but eventually they all get in. Love is free ranged. It is birth from forgiveness, acceptance, awareness, all tied to the thread of Oneness.

So to you, yes you! If you are my friend here, I can say, “I love you. You ARE my favorite!” Have a great day. Go love something, someone, and most importantly, yourself. You are the essence of love.


This morning on a Main Street a small woman on a bike passed me. This wasn’t an ordinary woman. No! This was an adventurous scrumptious one. Her old bike couldn’t possibly hold one more thing. She had a backpack, a sleeping bag and several other bags strapped neatly on her “mobile home.” I couldn’t get close enough to take a picture. But I did take a mental note as I drove passed, lower my window and screamed, “Girllll, you are absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thank you for being my joy today!” Quickly she showed me her pearly whites and was so grateful I thought she was gonna hit the car in front of her before turning. Sweat was pouring off her braids onto her flowery shirt. 
Yeahhhh, these are my favorite types of people. They don’t live inside of boxes. She might have been mentally ill but she is traveling on that bike to places I might never get to visit. Her thin body was pedaling without a care in the world. And that is yummy to witness. That! More of that is what we need in our lives. We don’t have to go to extremes but to set lose into an adventure without any destination is magical.  

You can do this. You can take a new road in the next town over. You can go eat alone or to the movies. You can go into a place you never have time to visit and find newness and awesomeness. Yes, please, more of reaching for the joy. 

She made my day. That was many hours ago and I cannot remove her sense of wonder out of my little head or out of my fairy heart. 

Now you. You go find something joyous and allow that energy to carry on for a while. Mucho love.

Urgency to Be

Be soft with your spirit. Be gentle with your essence. BE authentic to your purpose and calling. Rid yourself from the negative self-talk. You become everything you say that you are or that you are not. We are born every day, every minute, every second. We are here on borrowed time. Make it lovingly serene with your heart so that you can present your soul lovingly to another. This struggle is all bullshit at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what you did or haven’t done. This moment, wasted reading this, or contemplating what hasn’t been scratched off your To Do List, is all irrelevant. Really…this is nonsense. Me writing this is nonsense as well. Ultimately you must do what you feel is right, but please be kind to your soul.

Hold a friend’s hand in need. Hug your lover as if it was the last time. Kiss those kids tightly. Smile at a stranger. Open doors for an elderly person. Compliment a cashier. Delete the toxic folks out of your life. If they don’t raise you then they have taught you something. It’s time to move on. Use your energy wisely. My God, just get out of your head and lovingly give to another who needs to feel that the illusion of loneliness is not drowning their existence. It matters. It all matters to that one human who is struggling with life. Stop the craziness of self doubt and anxiety because there is no way you leave this life alive. Fear is a freaking illusion. It is n’t real. The only real substance in this world is the connection of love. You got another chance today to open those beautiful eyes, breathe and live. So…live for yourself with honor, love, and compassion. You don’t own this blue planet alone. I am here. You are here. Let’s be here together in peace and harmony. We got this!

Sacred Sunday

C.S. Lewis said, “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”  


I cannot look sideways or forward without looking inward first and foremost at my strengths and weaknesses. I am reminded how humility teaches me to be with love, with the self, and with God.

Falling on my knees in prayer I am connecting with the oneness of all there is and will ever be…divinity. Humility forces me to be kinder, gentler, while forgiving the things that come my way. The stronger the trials, the longer the patience, the easier it is to be humbled. There is nothing else to do. I accept the insults, the judgments, the heart aches and bring them to the understanding that they must uncover the triggers in my own faults. I choose the things that hurt to partake in a deeper union with Source. When things are easy there is no need to pray so this is an opportunity to strengthen my spirituality. Belief and faith bring forth the humble heart.

Stop the ego chit-chat, the self sabotage that arrives from giving others power over you. You cannot move with light and an open heart while worrying about what others perceive. It’s about how YOU live through your own experiences. Be present. Be aware. Be love. Be forgiving without making a spectacle of it all. Be generous with all that makes you kind. 

I challenge you to sit with your humility. I urge you to take moments of silence and accept the things you cannot change and not beat yourself up. The only control you have is in the choices you get to make for you. Find the balance between what is and what is not. I promise you will be amazed!!!