Follow Your Dreams

If I ask you what you want how long will it take you to answer me without giving me what you DO NOT want? Most folks know exactly what they want to get rid of, or move from, or what is shattering their souls into pieces. It’s hard to come up with what you want with complete confirmation because maybe it’s out of your perception. Maybe it feels like a fantasy. Or maybe it just hard to reach it.

I can always give a list of the things I don’t want really fast. Those are the things I carry and I don’t want the continuous feeling of struggle. Then I immediately become conscious of my negative thought process and shift to all that I want. I begin to feel the magic of creation.

I had a friend over yesterday to discuss my new website. She’s a talented social media magician. And when we talked about what I wanted it to be I knew what it felt like. I knew how I wanted others to feel when they visited it. I want it to feel like coming home to sacred space. I want it to be a virtual breathing space that is safe.

Sometimes we need someone to just ask the questions. Someone to be there to hold our hand and nod and smile.

Had anyone asked me just hours prior I didn’t think I knew. But sitting with her was like digging into my soul. I immediately knew the emotions of just being in my dream. I gave myself permission in her presence to feel this way.

And this is what we all want. We want to know that what we desire is of value. Even if it sounds silly. Speak it. Share it. Allow for it to materialize. There is power in your words and the moment you verbalize them, or write them, they begin to birth into reality.

What do you want? Take paper and pen. Make your list. Start to visualize it. Start to birth your dreams. I promise you that once you put all your emotions into it, without doubt or fear, you become the mystical powerhouse of creation. You align with divine forces.


Thoughts are not Facts

Thoughts are not facts. They are energy magnets.

We give them power. They have no legs unless we provide them to keep walking all over our minds.

Thoughts can be altered by shifting perspective.

Replace one with another. Turn on music. Dance. Meditate. Exercise. Go sit under a gorgeous tree. Whatever it takes to stop the thought from moving. Make the thought immobile.

We give attention to whatever we need to confirm our beliefs, fill our desires and justify our wants. That’s it!

You are not a victim of your thoughts. You are the creator. You are the driving force to them.

How do you stop the insanity? Change your story. Rewrite your endings. Get out of fear mode. Recognize your innate power of creating everything around you with thoughts

I have this picture of a sweet country house I bought about 15 years ago. Everywhere I’ve moved I have placed it in the kitchen or a bathroom. When we moved to our new house I put it in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. Last night I looked at it. I noticed the miracle of manifesting. The house looks like this new house. I didn’t notice when I hung it. I do remember that every time I would notice the painting in 15 years I would smile and think, “One day I’m gonna have a sweet country house like that!” I had the same painting much larger and left it in Florida. I bought a smaller one then.

Shift your awareness. Be mindful of how you show up with your thoughts. They are the magic wand to all that you want. They have no power over you even when we’ve been made to believe they do.

You’ve got this.

Moving Inward

It is in quietude that answers whisper to me. Answers cannot be heard when the mind is controlling every single thought. I go sit in my meditation room. I light my candles and sit in silence. I leave immediately. I feel my body heavy there sitting on the floor. Then I feel nothing but weightlessness. It’s yummy. Beyond any description I can try to give.

In between the here and there is a place of answers. I cannot take my physical body there. I cannot take my ego mind. I must undress this body and travel. I must allow for nothingness to be guidance.

And the answers come. Always. Today it’s about being gentle. This weekend is holding massive energy between worlds. There are dimensional pulls and in order to listen you must detach and be gentle.

So I am. We are. In the gentleness I am moving slowly. I am being present. Even with two little ones I am holding space for each single moment. My mind isn’t fluctuating between what needs to be done and what can wait.

Rest. Hydrate. Be in nature. Meditate. Practice your rituals and just be. I love you.

To All Men

I love women. I love men. I love humanity. In the most difficult and challenging times I still believe in us…as a whole yummy group of spiritual beings making our way in this classroom called Life.

I read a lot of male bashing. As if they are the enemy. WTH. No way. And neither are women. The collective has been programmed to create division. In just about everything.

We cannot fix our issues by separating classes, genders, beliefs or whatever. We aid in healing this planet through connections and unity.

I know some freaking fantastic males who teach me every day to strive to be better. I have four sons and four daughters. I learn from each one of them.

To my male friends, sons, husband, and strangers! I see you. You got this. Thank you for what you do. Us women couldn’t be here without you. We are the universe’s Yin and Yang. Lately you’ve been taken personal heat for a lot. We need to heal together.

Thank you for walking alongside us. I love you. I see you. And I am here on this journey with you because we don’t have to stay quiet about shit any longer.


I work with the most amazing Guardian Reps in the world. They go above and beyond what is asked of them. They are the unsung heroes who wear invisible capes. They get little recognition. They deal with mental illness and the intricate hardships of placing difficult folks into housing and providing medical care. And this is just a small portion of their jobs.

Social work is one of the most challenging careers out there. It’s grueling and rewarding. I read their monthly reports and I’m constantly wooed and blown away at all these heroes do. Omgosh! Unless you live it you can’t believe it.

This is a job that is moved by pure humanness. Every single day. The good ones and the most atrocious ones.

One of the younger Guardians shared a story of pure compassion with me this afternoon (this is one of the best privileges of my position…they all come in and share tidbits of some ahhhmazing experiences).

“Millie, I went to the psych hospital and I sat with him. I took my hand and placed his in mine.”

I stood as he shared this story in front of me. My eyes swelled while knowing some of that man’s history.

“You held his hands? You touched his heart, you know!” I said to this gentle sweet coworker. He is wise beyond his years.

“Yes, and in his manic and erratic moment, cause he can’t hear and won’t wear his hearing aids, I just tried to keep my hand in his. I felt him. “ He continued to share the heartache of how long he’s been in there and so much more that swallowed me whole.

At that moment I felt my heart come undone. One thing is to be empathetic but another is to delete all judgment and take another soul into yours, especially one who is deeply mentally ill. Especially one who has no one. Especially one who is vulnerable. Especially one who has been broken beyond what society wants to fix.

We are appointed these folks because they are incompetent. Today, my coworker showed me another side of humanity. He does this a lot. All of the Guardians do. I am filled by their stories of struggles, hardship, joy and most of all…love.

Thank you. My only prayer today has been infinite whispers of “thank you’s” over and over echoing through the heavens. ~m.a.p.

The Blame Game

To blame others for my full participation in the drama is moronic. I cannot blame someone for me staying in a toxic relationship. I can blame my inability to move away from the fear and manipulation from that person while giving away my power. But he or she were not holding me captive. My perspective of the obstacle was my enemy.

I cannot blame someone else for screwing me up in business. I participated knowing that person’s character. But I did it anyway.

Most of the obstacles, events, and experiences that we believe are happening to us (while in victim mode) are happening through us.

Read that again if you can’t grasp it!

You have created a life that is comfortable even in the discomfort. You know it fully. You might hate it. You continue to blame everyone around you. But I can assure you that when you spiritually connect to your truth you will figure out that no one is to blame for many of the things you endure. Your past determines a lot of your future choices so be mindful of the journey.

Have courage. Rise above the victim mentality into something that teaches you invaluable experiences.

And yes, there are cases of abuse and violence that you didn’t ask for, or consciously attracted. There are diseases and so much that we don’t get a say on. There is still bad in the world.

We have duality in our lives. We move through the dark into light a million times. We get to choose how, when, and where.

Blaming everyone else for not having the right job, or being in a shitty relationship, or not having enough money is truly inexcusable. Pointing fingers at everyone else instead of moving inward and finding the answers is pure avoidance.

You have the power to change your circumstances one step at a time. When you leave the victim mode you will begin to take control of your life. Trust in your capacity to manifest. Believe in your innate and divine ability to set healthy boundaries. Most of us were not taught this early on. It’s all about reprogramming your wiring. You’ve got this!!!! ~m.a.p.