Don’t Fall In Love

How does anyone fall in love? Isn’t love already there, always available? How can you “fall” into something that is innately inside of you, because you are made from it? Is it possible that you don’t “fall” as much as you open into another form of love? Could it be that the idea of “falling” is actually awakening a soul connection in a subconscious level? I have not fallen into anything. Ever! But, I have been in deep times of attraction. I have been in ecstasy which have been as addictive as a drug and can be confused with eternal love. We tend to use the word and emotion to satisfy a carnal feeling of necessity. Love has little to do with those “falling” parts of yourself. Don’t mistake the truth of who you are while giving the power to another. Love is the magic in your heart. It is the provider of divinity and purpose here. It is the ALL that forces you to learn and grow and evolve into a spiritual being.Love…love is always there…and when you find that person that makes it come alive it is simply reminding you of what you already have. And this person doesn’t have to be a romantic union. It can be your children, a friend, a pet, a lover, and most importantly it must be yourself. Because, if you don’t love yourself you cannot possibly love another. You cannot give what you don’t have. ~ M.A.P.

Real Beauty in You

My darlings be proud of who you are. Accept and embrace your flaws, wrinkles, curves, cellulite, and bodacious-ness. Each part of your body is a reflection and projection of your inner-ness and wisdom. I had someone make a comment a few days ago about my weight..that now that I’ve lost some I look better. I laughed because I guess with extra weight I don’t look well (I must look like shit)…but I am still me. The me inside doesn’t change with the weight. I have been up and down the spectrum of heavy to thin to heavy again. I am still who I am regardless of my exterior. I have lived a life in my younger years worrying so much about the size I was wearing in a society that was constantly judging me based on the number on the scale. And for what? I am flawless in my mission to love, not just others, but especially myself as I am today. I am healthy. What do I care if I have to get new jeans today and tomorrow give them away?

God don’t make no junk!

You cannot live a life dieting and full of self-loathing. No make-up in the world will make you perfect. The mask eventually has to come off. Love yourself. Because when you do another will align with your worth. If you want to enhance your beauty, go ahead but be happy with the overall parts of you. Allow those parts of you to show you who and what needs learning. We are each others’ reflections and it’s not fair to anyone that we are living based on being small, medium, or large. It’s insane!

Each dimple in my body is there as a reminder of something powerful. Every scar on my breasts has taught me that I’ve survived powerful lessons…that I’ve overcome some incredible challenges. Each thought from my rape continues to inspire me to be more loving with those parts of me that used to feel ugly and disgusting. Every thought, movement, and freckle is an endless composition of what’s behind me and all the elements that are still ahead to finish a work of art with my name on it. I am a composition in the making until the day I die. I don’t want anyone remembering me for my beauty. Screw that! I want them to say, “That woman cracked me up and lifted me in moments of darkness.” I am not gonna be remembered for my weight, and neither are you. Superficial behaviors are lower vibrational issues and I refuse to live in that realm.

I can promise you from working with elderly folks that they don’t remember what size they were…they don’t care. They remember their first dance, their child’s birth, the first kiss, and everything that is meaningful…not that they went from a size 4 to a size 14. That’s so irrelevant when you are near death.

I can no longer hate a wrinkle because I have laughed, cried, rejoiced, and suffered with the awareness that each path has brought me here. I am a mother. I am a lover. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a student. I am so many labels and, yet, I am none of that but the essence of Oneness. So, sweethearts, no more comparing yourself to the pages of photo shopped ads, or celebrities who sensationalize something that is completely superficial. You have the power to shift and create your awareness. Do it! No more self-hate. No more comparing yourself to the exterior of others. What are we showing our daughters, nieces, sisters, and young friends? We must elevate consciousness and move beyond all of this. It starts with you, me and them. You are precious, priceless and perfect just as you are.

The magic in your life starts the moment you accept you. All of you. And in that moment others begin to witness an extraordinary light that is love.

Remember Bliss and Love

In the core of the heart there is freedom. There’s no room for fear, second guessing, anxiety, doubts, and uncertainty. We are made in divine light that holds clarity through love and acceptance. And in this love we are embraced to believe in the power of awareness. We are made of love, to love, and be loved. Nothing else can live within the conscious beat of existence. Let’s give that love our undivided attention and release all the programming we have been forced to believe: control is a state of mind. 

We forget to play because of responsibilities. We forget to be in the moment because of other issues. We forget that in order to reach the highest vibration of love we must let go of paradigms and enjoy the process of living. Every minute counts. 

I love children because they resonate love. They live in the core of Divine energy. There is so much to learn from their ability to live in the moment. Let’s move through that awareness of loving ourselves and others for who they are and what they are. Go out there and get some crazy hair, laugh, sing and dance in the rain, be in love with you and all that your heart wants. Go blow bubbles and make mud pies. Talk with strangers and allow the magic of this world dictate the moment. 

Freedom is love. You are the substance of light and love…always. Bring more childlike moments into your life and raise the happy hormone levels. 

My heart extends out to you. We are all in this together. Have a beautiful week, my friends. Do something new to honor your existence even in the smallest of ways and be present with bliss. Mucho love!

Lessons from the Earth

earth day

At this very moment I sit in my little home office staring at the morning coming through the trees and what was left from last night’s spring showers. The smell of earth rises to the second floor. It is one of those scents I love most from nature. It smells like the decomposition of release. The earth has no problem releasing. It has absolutely zero tolerance for resistance. Gaia teaches the value of allowing, evolving and releasing.

I have understood the power of avoidance and resistance. I no longer resist emotions. Resistance has always been a pivotal lesson in my life. “That which you resists, persists,” is a perfect way to remember to let go. Clarity and openness arrives from the nature of allowing life to flow. It is extremely difficult to wrestle and battle with resistance from a human perspective driven by ego. The ego is always creating illusions, sneaking in the doubts, uncertainty, fear and anxieties. As I allow the Divine Spirit to expand and guide me through love everything around me is taken into a beautiful accountability of love. Fear disappears once there is no control or resistance.

I keep going back to this life lesson: to love unconditionally without wanting anything around me to change. I am the change. The older I get the more I expand on forgiveness and compassion all through the vessel that is love. It’s in the allowance of everything around us to show up and move that we grow. We resist the things that are easy while substituting with difficulties,challenges and pain. Ego creates these elaborate scenarios and through resistance of strength in ourselves we attract the destructive behaviors that we don’t want but feel familiar to our stories. It is never easy to go through the separation of old patterns. But, does nature do any of this? Does Earth second-guess herself? Does it have to be this complicated when everything else around us lives in harmony?

If we take notes from nature all of these issues are irrelevant. The trees don’t ask the soil for permission to grow or die. The clouds don’t care that the earth is going through floods. It releases. It lets go of all it needs to in order to evolve. Each leaf falls when it’s ready. The earth blooms at its perfect timing without feeling overwhelmed or traumatized. A thousand pieces of elements live together and no one criticizes or judges another. We are the only form of existence that does that. Everything in nature is rhythmically operational with each other. It’s beautiful. It exists together because it does. There is no Ego dictating nonsense or prejudices. There is nothing but allowance and releasing. Timing is seen through changes of the seasons. No permission needed or granted. It is what it is.

So today, on Earth Day, allow nature to show you the many lessons of you. Grab a hold of soil. Dig deep within the earth. Release the old and make room for new. Have a blessed day! I love love love you and so does this beautiful planet you inhabit.

Endless Love

This afternoon I was out seeing clients. Whenever I am in this particular facility I like to visit a sweet lady with Dementia who also has her husband there in the same room. That’s a rare circumstance. She is the kindest soul. His health is declining fast but his mind is all there. I walked in to visit them and she immediately asked who I was. I told her my name. I sat on her bed, she moved up, he sat in his wheelchair next to her. She asked me where I was from. I could feel the confusion (as she should have because she’s really not my client. I am just some woman who collects love stories).
Me: “I am the welcoming committee. I go from room to room hugging and saying hello’s. Every so often I throw some glitter in the air and grant wishes.”

She giggled, mouth and eyes wide opened, and said, “That’s a fine job you have, but I have no wishes that need granting.”

Me: “There are always wishes that need granting.” He smirked, she laughed and asked again what I did for a living. I again said I was just passing through collecting heartfelt stories. I told her I loved to visit and be in the presence of such greatness. 
So there I was stirring up love stories with these delicious souls who have a history deeper than words. You can feel their love and admiration the moment you walk into their room. See, I might not be aware of much but when I see true love I know it. I recognize it. It’s hard to ignore. There is radiance in their eyes, and also a familiarity of comfort. There is mutual respect which is so rare at this time in history.
The nurse came in and asked if they were going to the dining room? She didn’t hear her so I asked her if her hubby was going to take her to dinner? She perked up, got her outfit ironed out with her hand and asked him in the most darling of voices, “Will you be taking me to dinner, my love?”
He said, “Yes, if that’s what you would like?” I felt a tug of emotions stirring from their union. I witnessed that even with memory loss, and health issues, this type of love transcends. She told me they’ve been married 15 years and he corrected her. They have been married for 13. She smiled and told him it felt longer because every moment with him was always wonderful. She said to me that he’s always been a gentleman and has taken care of her. He smiled through the discomfort of pain.
I helped them get ready and then headed to see my client. As I was getting my purse from the chair she asked if I would visit again. I assured her I would. I told her I would bring some sparkles and glitter to grant wishes. Her light eyes looked straight into me and she said, “I have all the wishes I need. I have my husband here with me.”
Those fortunate enough to share a love so beautiful are filled with enchantment. They get it, even without knowing where they are, who they are, and what happens in that day. They feel the emotions deep within their hearts. I walked out shielding tears of joy. I am blessed to witness such exquisite humanness and compassion. I truly live through bliss when I am in proximity of such embodiment of love.
May you be blessed with this kind of love that forgives and shelters the heart forever. If you are lucky you can find it even in the later years of your life, like these two did, and still remember to feel blessed by each other’s presence. It’s priceless! And it is the yumminess that make true love stories admirable.

Surprise in the season

Spring is here in full bloom. Green buds occupy the yard on every tree creating a sense of magic. We’ve moved to the city. Yesterday allowed me to close a powerful chapter in my life. Having lived on a mountain for almost 7 years I was ready. Our yard is a blank canvas full of possibilities and the flowers blooming are enticing me to finish putting things away, get settled into this new life, and head outside.

As a child my mother did not like me going out and getting dirty. I was one of those kids that loved to make mud pies and dig in the dirt. I was always the black sheep of the family, the one who danced to her own tunes which no one ever heard. I was the one who would speak to anyone, make friends with the garbage man and the utility folks. But, fear always lurked in the distance due to a family that has always been rather reserved and afraid of stepping into the unknown. I feel for them because they are missing out on the joys of serendipity and spontaneity. They are not allowing their natural state of being to direct them to feel the earth within themselves.

Now, at this moment, I sit in my new nook and office staring outside. The landscape is filling up. Each morning the trees birth more leaves. Flowers give out the fragrance of memories. The skies are lovelier. Sunrises and sunsets have purples and pinks. The breeze is softer. The earth is enriched with such ease. I am always surprised by this time of year in North Carolina. We don’t have significant changing of seasons in Florida. So, this to me, around my birthday, always feels like a giant gift from the universe.

Birth is here. It’s all around us. It’s within us. All we have to do is step out of our little dramas and notice the beauty of this season. It’s time for mud pies, gardening, creating and nesting. It’s that time of year that draws me outward and allows for me to sigh…in relief for all that winter had me endure.

May you continue growing just like the trees, leaves, flowers, grass, and nature around you. Find the its rhythm and follow that. It’s magical and mystical. It’s why we are here. Nothing to change, nothing to force, nothing to do but allow things to move in their Divine order. Breathe…deeply with love and compassion.

Have a great week, darlings! Make it sparkly, glittery, and yummilicious…Millie