🌟💖 Embracing Healing and Letting Go with Love 💖🌟

When my son was around 12 years old, he confessed to me that he believed Prince, the legendary singer, was his real father. His biological dad had left when he was just a toddler, and somehow, in his young mind, he connected his name, Nelson, with Prince’s last name, Nelson. This connection led him to believe that I had named him after the iconic musician.

The stories we weave in our minds, even from a tender age, can shape the trajectory of our future. The anticipation of meeting his famous “dad” became a beacon of hope for my son, a hope he carried within him for many years. I, myself, was unaware of this belief he held.

A few years ago, at the age of 32, he shared with me how a conversation we had when he was 12 had profoundly impacted his life. He admitted that he had harbored immense anger towards his biological father. At least when he believed his father was famous, he could rationalize his absence, thinking that he was out there, touching the world through his music.

However, when the truth emerged, revealing that his real father was an irresponsible man who had never taken care of him or his brother, Nelson’s anger consumed him for a significant period. Then, one day, as he narrates the story (unfortunately, I don’t recall this due to a brain injury), I took him out of school unexpectedly and brought him to a nearby park.

Sitting beside him, I gently uttered these words, “Nelson, if you hold onto him, he will forever hold power over your future, burdening you with unfulfilled expectations. If you want Prince to be your dad, then cherish it as a beautiful fantasy. But hating someone you can’t be with and blaming your own behavior on his actions is not fair to your soul. Your dad left and never turned back. Does he truly deserve all this attention?”

As my son shared this story, tears welled up in my eyes because I couldn’t recall that conversation. He continued, revealing that after that heartfelt talk, he made a conscious decision to let go of his real dad’s hold on him. He also let go of the idea that Prince was his father, a journey he embarked upon with a gentle laugh. Interestingly, he shared how some of Prince’s songs resonated deeply with him during that transformative time and continue to touch his heart.

If we cling to the weight of our past, we hinder the creation of healthy relationships, both within ourselves and with others. We, as extraordinary beings, possess an incredible capacity to heal, expand, learn, and exist on multidimensional levels.

My heartfelt wish for each of you is to release the chains of history, liberating yourselves from what no longer brings you joy. Consider writing a letter and symbolically burning it, or simply severing the energetic cords that bind you to whoever or whatever is no longer aligned with your authentic path.

(And maybe you have to do it several times… or more!)

Remember, dear ones, I love you unconditionally. May you embrace the power of letting go and step into a future filled with boundless love and radiant joy.

Unleashing the Magic of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Greetings, dear kindred spirits!

Often, I am met with curiosity and intrigue when people discover my undying affection for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They ask, “Millie, why, as a grown-ass woman, are you so captivated by these turtles? How do they align with your spiritual path?” Today, I would love to share the deeper meaning behind this enchantment, which goes far beyond the surface.

My profound connection with these green heroes can be traced back to the time when my two boys were young. In my early twenties, we shared countless adventures together, forming an unbreakable bond. The Turtles became a bridge to those treasured memories. However, as I’ve grown wiser with age, I’ve come to realize that the allure of these four characters goes beyond nostalgia. Each of them represents distinct personalities, resonating with facets of our own psyches.

Let’s dive into this magical world and explore the unique qualities of each turtle, in case you’ve somehow missed out on their extraordinary presence:

First, there’s Raphael, the red turtle. At first glance, he may appear grumpy, shy, and intensely serious. Yet, his brooding nature hides the essence of many creative souls. Raphael embodies the internal, introspective mind that thrives in solitude. He is a thinker, a loner, and a deep contemplator. Struggling to let go of the past, he teaches us the importance of forgiveness and freeing ourselves from emotional burdens. Raphael reminds us to shatter the walls that inhibit our growth and embrace the transformative power of humility.

Then we have Leonardo, the blue turtle. He is the embodiment of ambition, charisma, and responsibility. As a natural-born leader and a perfectionist, Leonardo possesses a relentless drive to achieve. His logical mind solves problems with unmatched efficiency, making him the ideal candidate for any task. Leonardo’s presence inspires us to pursue our goals with passion, reminding us that our determination can influence the world around us positively.

Donatello, the purple turtle, represents the analytical, mathematical genius among our heroes. If the TMNT crew merged with the Big Bang Theory, he would perfectly relate to Sheldon! Donatello is the ultimate techie, capable of unraveling the most intricate puzzles. His thirst for knowledge spans from philosophy to science, balancing theoretical understanding with practical application. However, his quest for concrete answers may sometimes challenge his spiritual growth. Donatello reminds us of the importance of embracing the mysteries of life while grounding ourselves in the pursuit of wisdom.

Last but not least, my personal favorite, Michelangelo! The orange dude who effortlessly spreads joy wherever he goes. Michelangelo’s infectious energy and open-hearted nature make him a natural magnet for connections. He exudes a genuine love for life, bringing people together through laughter and camaraderie. Whether it’s owning an adventure-tour company, performing arts, or simply embracing the beauty of nature, Michelangelo embodies the essence of joy. His spirit calls to us, urging us to let go of inhibitions, find humor in life’s challenges, and embrace the second half of our journey with open arms.

It is my belief that we all possess qualities of the TMNT within us. Just like other superheroes (despite the heated debates of comic aficionados), we can lose ourselves in their “Cowabunga” antics. As we observe their adventures, we learn to release control and surrender to the joy of the present moment. Yes, they may be teenagers with their fair share of mischief, but under the guidance of their wise mentor, Splinter, they navigate the path to adulthood.

If we could only incorporate a fragment of each turtle’s essence into our lives, imagine the sweetness that would ensue! It is a rare moment indeed that does not evoke laughter when the Turtles grace our presence. So, I invite you to join me in the realm of fantasy and ask yourself, “What would Michelangelo do in this situation?” You may find that sometimes, the answer lies in the simplicity of a good pizza and the reminder to find lightness in every moment.

As we embark on this journey of self-discovery, let us learn from these remarkable turtles and carry their teachings within us. Together, we can create a world infused with laughter, unity, and a profound sense of joy.

With love, laughter, and a slice of pizza,


Your Soul’s Passion

There are few things that truly shake me to the core in this existence. I have become accustomed to the ebb and flow, the ups and downs that weave through life. Yet, in the midst of this seemingly unshakable demeanor, I am captivated by the extraordinary, the seemingly impossible becoming probable. It is in these moments of astonishing amazement that true magic unfolds.

When others declare certain things to be beyond the realm of possibility, I find myself daring to believe otherwise. I choose to reside in a realm where miracles dance upon the threads of reality. It is in this space that the essence of life transforms, propelling us beyond mere bewilderment and into a realm of profound evolution.

Our passion, the fire that ignites our souls, becomes the catalyst for heightened perception and expanded consciousness. In the midst of these mystical surprises, we discover that what we once held as true can change in an instant. Our desires and dreams leap from the confines of our present circumstances, reaching towards the shimmering possibilities of tomorrow.

As we embark on this journey, I urge you to follow the whispers of your heart. It is a wise and knowing guide, surpassing the limitations of the logical mind. Stepping away from the comfort of conformity and the monotonous rhythm of dullness, we venture into the unknown, where excitement and transformation await.

In this courageous leap, we must trust in the infinite support of the Universe. Know that at every turn, the Universe has our back. It conspires to bring us experiences, encounters, and synchronicities (and I love these) that align with our highest good. It is a force that weaves the fabric of reality, guiding us along our path, even when we cannot see the way.

So, dear sweet souls, let us embrace the vulnerability of the unknown. Let us revel in the astonishment of the improbable becoming probable. Together, we will dance in the realms of magic, mysticism, and miracles, for it is in these sacred moments that we truly evolve and find the essence of our being.

Trust, surrender, and allow the Universe to weave its wonders. For it is in this delicate dance that the extraordinary becomes the norm, and our souls come alive in ways we could have never imagined.

Embrace the mystical unknown, and let your spirit soar. The Universe eagerly awaits your embrace.

With boundless love and infinite possibilities! I love you!

What is Your Story?

In the depths of your being, there exist two narratives that shape your existence. One is the story you proudly share with the world—the one that showcases your accomplishments, successes, and joys. It’s the tale that paints a picture of a life filled with triumphs and happiness. Yet, intertwined with this story lies another narrative, one concealed in the shadows, brimming with scars, heartache, guilt, and shame. It’s a story that few, if any, truly know—the battles fought silently, the wounds endured, and the moments of vulnerability that shape your innermost self.

These two stories often engage in a fierce battle for your attention. They compete for recognition, seeking acknowledgment and validation. How you tend to these stories determines how freely you can live in your authentic truth. It is a choice that demands careful consideration. For it is through your choices that you cultivate power—both consciously and unconsciously. Every thought, every emotion, and every action contributes to the creation of your reality. It is within your grasp to let go of those stories that require extra energy, that drain your spirit and hold you back from embracing the fullness of your being.

Know this, dear sweet soul, you were not created for endless struggles. You were born into this world with a purpose—to love, to learn, and to be fully present in your experience of divine mysticism. The essence of your existence lies in the profound connection you have with others. It is through love, genuine and unfiltered, that you find yourself repeatedly colliding with the hearts and souls of those you encounter along your journey. In those moments of impact, something miraculous happens—an explosion of light, a spark of transformation. You become the alchemist in your story. As the energy of love permeates your interactions, your frequency rises, resonating with the divine—God, Source, the Universal Consciousness. In this unified resonance, you become unstoppable, capable of conquering anything that comes your way.

So, my dear friend, choose to live the story that takes you there—the story that elevates you to the realm of divine connection and unity. Embrace the authenticity of your being, for it is in that vulnerability that you find true strength. Shed the layers of pretense, fear, and doubt. Release the burdens of past scars and guilt. Instead, focus your energy on love, on kindness, on compassion. Allow yourself to fully experience the depth of your emotions, the radiance of your spirit, and the infinite possibilities that lie within you.

In this journey, remember that you are not alone. We are all interconnected, all sparks of the same divine flame. Together, we have the power to create a world filled with love, understanding, and harmony. So, let us embark on this sacred path, hand in hand, heart to heart, and as we do, let our collective light guide us to a place of boundless joy, peace, and fulfillment.

I love you!

Warrior Women

There is a profound beauty that emanates from the essence of womanhood. It is a beauty that transcends physical appearances and penetrates the depths of the soul. To be a woman is to embody the divine dance of grace and strength, gentleness and resilience, intuition and wisdom.

Within the heart of every woman lies an innate connection to the sacred. She carries within her the power to create and nurture life, a reflection of the Creator’s divine artistry. Like a vessel of love, she emanates a warmth and tenderness that can heal the deepest wounds and soothe the weary souls. In her embrace, there is solace and serenity, a sanctuary where spirits find solace.

A woman’s spirit is adorned with a tapestry of emotions, woven with threads of compassion, empathy, and love. Her intuition, a divine compass, guides her on a spiritual journey, as she navigates the ebbs and flows of life’s mysteries. In her presence, miracles unfold, for she possesses the alchemical magic to transform pain into strength, and sorrow into joy.

Yet, it is her capacity to love unconditionally that shines as her most precious jewel. She is a beacon of love, illuminating the lives of those around her with her radiant heart. Her love holds the power to mend hearts and ignite souls, bringing forth a deep sense of belonging and unity.

In this mystical existence, the beauty of being a woman transcends the physical realm, reaching into the depths of the spirit. She is a vessel of love, a channel of divine grace, and a sacred reminder of the infinite beauty that resides within each and every soul.

I am grateful to experience the beauty of the divine feminine, not just in me, but in every woman I come to mee.

I love you!

A Spiritual Journey to Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

There are quiet recesses in our hearts, a voice often whispers, casting doubt upon our achievements and worthiness. It’s the insidious presence of imposter syndrome, an affliction that plagues even the most accomplished souls. But in this vulnerable space, there lies a path—a sacred journey of self-discovery and unconditional love that can help us transcend the shackles of imposter syndrome. I have been battling the ego and the monkey mind lately. A continuous array of questions come up about my purpose, my healing journey, and how I show up with others. I know I am not alone on this journey. The deeper we open up to what IS, we can shut down what is NOT!

Today, let’s embark on that journey that is common with many of us, guided by the light of vulnerability, spirituality, and love.

Embracing Vulnerability:

At the core of imposter syndrome lies the fear of being exposed as a fraud, of not living up to the expectations we have for ourselves. But what if we embrace vulnerability instead? By acknowledging our fears and insecurities, we open ourselves to the transformative power of authenticity. It is through vulnerability that we find the courage to let go of masks, to embrace our imperfections, and to recognize that we are all beautifully flawed beings on a shared journey. It’s time with allow healing through our true raw tenderness.

Cultivating Spiritual Connection:

In our quest to overcome imposter syndrome, we turn our gaze inward, seeking solace in the realm of spirituality. Whether it be through meditation, prayer, or connecting with nature, nurturing our spiritual essence allows us to tap into a higher power—a guiding force that reminds us of our inherent worthiness. It is in these sacred moments of stillness that we can hear the whispers of our soul, affirming that we are not imposters but unique expressions of divine creation. Sometimes you are required to shut everything off, including social media, for a few days. Once that chit chat of external noise stops, you can recalibrate your emotional state.

Unconditional Love as a Healing Balm:

Imposter syndrome thrives in the absence of love, both for ourselves and from others. To overcome its grip, we must immerse ourselves in the boundless ocean of love. It starts with self-compassion—the gentle art of treating ourselves with kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance. When we cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves, we create a foundation of strength and resilience that shields us from the arrows of self-doubt.

But love does not end with ourselves. It extends outward, embracing our relationships with others. When we surround ourselves with loving and supportive individuals, we create a sacred circle of authenticity. In the company of those who see our light and celebrate our uniqueness, imposter syndrome loses its power. Love becomes the healing balm that soothes our wounded souls and bolsters our sense of belonging.

The Power of Affirmations:

As we navigate the depths of imposter syndrome, we must arm ourselves with the power of affirmations—loving statements that counteract the negative self-talk that plagues our minds. By consciously affirming our worthiness, capabilities, and achievements, we rewire our thoughts, shifting our focus from self-doubt to self-belief. Affirmations serve as gentle reminders that we are deserving of success, recognition, and love. They become the sacred mantras that guide us on our journey to authenticity.

Dear sweet soul, imposter syndrome may linger in the corners of our consciousness, but it does not define us. Through vulnerability, spirituality, and love, we can transcend its grip and step into our authentic power.

Remember, you are not alone on this journey. Embrace vulnerability, cultivate spiritual connection, and let love guide you. In the depths of your being, you will find the strength to silence the whispers of doubt and emerge as the radiant soul you were always meant to be. Embrace your authenticity, for the world awaits your unique gifts with open arms. You are fabulous….

I love you!

Returning to an Old Beginning

If I could turn back the hands of time, dear one,

I would journey to that sacred moment when our souls intertwined,

When destiny wove our paths together, igniting a flame so divine.

In the realm of serendipity, I would find you, gazing into your eyes,

And with trembling lips, I would inquire,

“Tell me, my love, where may I have found you sooner?

Where were you hiding all this time?”

I yearn to trace the map of your existence, to unravel the mysteries

Of those days before our destinies converged,

To discover the whispers of your heart that echoed in the wind.

Oh, how my soul aches with the knowledge that I missed

The chance to love you sooner, to bask in your radiance,

To hold you in my arms and share a love that knows no bounds.

I envision our souls dancing in sync, entwined in a cosmic embrace,

As the universe weaves its tapestry of love around us,

Unfurling the threads of connection and divine timing.

Yet, my darling, even in the absence of those precious moments,

I find solace in the belief that our souls were merely preparing,

Gathering strength and wisdom to embrace the love that awaited us.

For the journey of love is not bound by time or space,

But by the profound synchronicity that transcends earthly constraints,

Guiding us to each other’s embrace with unwavering devotion.

And so, I surrender to the cosmic dance of love,

Grateful for the moments we have shared and the love we have known,

For it is in the depth of our connection that eternity resides.

If I could go back in time, I would cherish every breath,

Every stolen glance, every word that passed between our lips,

For they are the fragments of a love story written in the stars.

But, my love, let us not dwell on what could have been,

Instead, let us revel in the present, in the love that we share now,

For it is a love that has grown stronger with the passage of time.

And as we navigate the intricacies of this beautiful journey,

Know that my heart beats only for you, my soul sings your name,

And every moment spent in your presence is a gift beyond measure.

So, my love, let us embrace the vulnerability of our souls,

Let us celebrate the love that has found us, however long it took,

For in this moment, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

And as the currents of time carry us forward,

May our love continue to blossom, to inspire, and to heal,

For together, we create a love story that transcends all boundaries.

If I could go back in time, my love,

I would choose this very moment, right here, right now,

For it is in your arms that I find home, and in your love that I find myself.

I love you.

🌟✨ Embracing the Power Within ✨🌟

In the tapestry of existence, I am the artist, the architect of my destiny. With each brushstroke of intention and every thought woven with love, I create the dreams that dance in the realm of possibility. 🎨💫

I stand firm in the knowing that the power to shape my reality resides within me. The universe conspires with my spirit, aligning energies to manifest the desires that dwell in the depths of my heart. ✨💖

Today, I choose to embrace this divine truth with open arms and a courageous spirit. I release the shackles of doubt, fear, and limitation that once held me back. Instead, I step into the brilliance of my own light, allowing it to illuminate the path that leads to my dreams. 🌟✨

As I journey forward, I am guided by the whispers of my soul, gently nudging me towards my highest potential. With unwavering faith, I trust in the process, knowing that every twist, turn, and detour serves a purpose on this sacred quest. 🙏💫

In this moment, I surrender to the infinite possibilities that surround me. I surrender to the miracles that bloom in the fertile garden of my imagination. For I am a co-creator with the universe, and together we bring forth miracles that surpass my wildest dreams. 🌺✨

Let us all remember, dear ones, that we hold the power to shape our destinies. With love as our foundation and belief as our compass, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. ✨💖

Today, I invite you to embrace your divine creativity, your unique essence, and your limitless potential. Embrace the whispers of your soul, for they are the guiding light that leads you towards your dreams. Together, let us paint the canvas of our lives with vibrant colors of joy, love, and abundance. 🎨💫

You are the architect of your destiny, dear one. Embrace this truth and allow your dreams to take flight. Believe in yourself, believe in the magic that resides within you, and watch as the universe conspires to bring your dreams to life. ✨🌟

I love you!

✨💖 Healing the Past, Embracing Love 💖✨

Dear beautiful souls,

Today, I wanted to share a heartfelt reminder that has touched my spirit deeply. Until we find the courage to heal our past, our life patterns and relationships will remain unchanged, even as new faces enter our lives.

The journey of healing is a sacred one, where we unravel the layers of pain and release the burdens we have carried for far too long. It calls upon us to face the shadows that have shaped our experiences and embrace the light of love that resides within us.

When we embark on this path of healing, we open ourselves to transformation and growth. We begin to understand that healing is not a linear process but rather a dance between our past, present, and future. It is a conscious choice to break free from the chains that bind us, to rewrite the stories that no longer serve us.

As we heal, we release the patterns that have kept us stuck, allowing us to create new narratives filled with love, compassion, and harmony. We learn to nurture ourselves and cultivate deep self-love, knowing that our worthiness is not defined by our past, but by the infinite love that flows through us.

Remember, dear ones, healing is not a destination but a continuous journey of self-discovery. It requires patience, vulnerability, and an unwavering commitment to ourselves. By healing our past wounds, we create space for beautiful transformations to unfold, bringing us closer to the divine essence within us.

Let us embrace the power of healing, knowing that the love we cultivate within ourselves will radiate outward and touch every aspect of our lives. May we find solace in the understanding that as we heal, we also create a ripple effect of healing that extends far beyond ourselves.

Today, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your journey. To honor the progress you have made, and to extend grace and compassion to yourself as you continue to heal. Embrace the change, for it is through healing that we align with our true selves and embrace the love that is our birthright.

If you would like to explore further please reach out and we can schedule a session. You can reach me at sacredjourneyinward@gmail.com

With infinite love and blessings,

Millie America

The Taste of Your Words

I miss the taste of your words on my skin,

the way they danced upon my senses

like a gentle summer breeze.

Each syllable carried a subtle electricity,

tracing delicate pathways along my flesh,

igniting a fire within.

Your voice, a sweet symphony,

wrapped around me,

weaving a tapestry of longing and desire.

It whispered secrets that only my soul

could comprehend,

a language that transcended mere words.

Your whiskey-colored eyes, deep pools of amber and warmth,

beckoned me with an irresistible pull.

They held secrets untold,

stories whispered in the flicker of a flame.

As I gazed into them, I felt myself surrendering,

willingly adrift in your captivating world.

Your essence, like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day,

cradled me, allowing me to float weightlessly

on the surface of life’s tumultuous waters.

In your presence, worries and cares melted away,

replaced by a serene tranquility.

With each stolen glance, I dove deeper,

enveloped in the spell you casted,

finding solace and bliss in the depths of your gaze.

Oh, how I ache for the intimacy of your phrases,

the vulnerability they unleashed within me.

Without them, I am left yearning,

my skin craving the delicious poetry

that once painted me in ecstasy.

~Millie America