Love Fiercely


Knowing your Truth

Please take a moment and truly be with this message. So many of us are experiencing some major shifts that are forcing us to take a hard step back, questioning ourselves. You are not alone. In the past week I’ve had so many conversations about this.

It’s not just the storms and fires and other natural occurrences. It’s the basics. It’s family drama, work issues, and our own psyches being pushed to question our purpose here.

The truth is not always perfect or pretty. It churns, twists and turns in you trying to make its way up. You don’t let it because it will hurt another. It will betray their perception of you. You might be rejected. You might be hated. But, while it is in you, silently poisoning your soul, truth still needs release.

You should not live a life that’s not authentic. No matter if it’s ending a job, a relationship, detaching from family and friends, or following what you think is a stupid-dream, it is YOUR truth. Those who love you will get over it. Those who don’t have served their purpose in the presence of your life even in teaching you to forgive. I can’t tell you the many times I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, left everything, to follow what I recognized as my truth.

Hold your truth high. Get over the bullshit and finally voice out who you are. You know what is tragic? Living a freaking lie and not being free to be who you really are. You know what is life-changing? When you grow a pair and tell the world that you don’t care what they think because you are claiming your worth by your standards and not theirs. Your spirit is trapped and everything around you is miserable because it aches, it is uncomfortable and it is unbearable. Life is too short for pretending. The stress is damaging your physical and mental bodies. It is adding to the collective. You already know the truth. Now, go fucking show the world who you Really are. Times are changing. We are evolving into better humans. There is a massive sense of commUNITY happening and we need to finally step up to our greatness. Hold your head high cause you are magnificent! Be love. Be happy. Be YOU!

Infinite Love

Yes, love is powerful! Yes, love has no gender, religion, and political status. Love just is. When we finally acknowledge our truth we are moved into the mysterious.

Do yourself a huge favor…embrace love whenever you can. Because, dear friends, love is an opportunity that arrives to grow on such a divine spiritual level. Everything else is pure rotten crap that we create in order to distant ourselves from what’s truly real, attainable, and divine.

If we are fortunate, we are provided with several “Ones” in our lifetime. If we are really lucky, there might just be the One who you can spend your lifetime with. And, that One might not come in the package you thought s/he would arrive. Life is funny that way. It’s magical in so many different levels of awareness. This vehicle we get to use as a body stops us from truly experiencing so many incredible gifts. The minute we get rid of the programming miracles begin to unfold.

So go look into the essence of someone and find divinity staring back. It’s the most outstanding phenomenon to experience. Stop trying to find all the negatives and dive into all that is positively precious. I love you.


Every single day I wake up and ask God to let me be of service to one person. I am fortunate that I meet someone new almost every single day. It is at the gas station, grocery store, coffee shop, or in the streets. This morning it was in the line at the post office getting mail for work. A gentle kind man with Down Syndrome stood in front of me with his mother or care taker. I was flipping through a catalog when he started the conversation:
The man: Is that good? 

I nodded yes.

The man: Today is the first day of school. Streets are busy again. Too many buses everywhere…

His care taker apologized for his conversing to which I told her there was no need to apologize. I introduced myself and he told me his name, age (32 in two months and three days) and some other personal things. Once again the woman asked him to stop.

Me: Joseph, do you like when everyone is in school? Are you going to school too?

Joseph: No. I don’t go to school. I work on my computer at my house. Want to come to my house? (he blurted out his address).

Me: I wish I could just take off from work and go play at a park today. Wouldn’t that be nice, Joseph? Do you like parks?

Joseph: Yes, Millie. You are Millie. I am Joseph. Yes, Millie, playing at a park would be nice. Now all kids are in school. More space to get on the swings.

The woman continued to try and stop his talking.

I smiled at her and asked if he could continue. She laughed and warned me. I smiled and told her it was perfectly fine.

We spoke for a few minutes. I starred into his blue eyes. Joseph told me the schedule of his daily routines and what he does on Saturdays. He asked what I did but didn’t wait for an answer since he was busy continuing with his scheduling. Then they were done and heading out. 

Joseph said, “Millie, it was nice to meet you.” He extended his arm out and I shook it and asked for a hug. He told me I smelled flowery. I laughed. Then he said, “Okay, babe, bye.” 

My heart sunk. “Okay babe…” His words echoed in my soul all the way to the office. I thought about the innocence and kindness. I was moved to tears because in that sweet soul there is a man trying to find his way through shhhhh’s and retrains. He lives with the knowledge of what is and what isn’t. He’s learned the programming. We all have. We carry them into our lives every single day. Some folks just know how to navigate better than others.

Today, Joseph was an invaluable gift as I was trying to navigate through another Monday of adulting. I actually whispered to myself walking to my car early this morning…”Another perfectly wasted day adulting. Ugh!” And then Joseph showed up and allowed me to put adulting to the side while reminding me of the privilege it is to be an adult in this world. What a beautiful opportunity to live freely and fully without having anyone take care of me (at this moment). I am truly blessed for all those angels who come into my life at the precise moment I need reminders. May you find yourself entertained by angels who show you the parts of yourself that you ignore. We are blessed souls because of their visitations.

Strangers On A Bench

strangers on bench

(*image from google search)

There was an accident yesterday on a main road coming home from downtown. I must’ve sat through the lights for at least 10 minutes. My three year old was overly tired and grumpy. My stomach was twisting and turning as I hadn’t felt well all day. I wanted to get home…badly. On the other side of the street there were two people at a bus stop. A black skinny man in his 40’s and a chunky white one in his late 60’s. They sat on opposite sides of the bench. I observed their body languages as they were engaged in a really good conversation. Both would laugh and carry on. One would speak while the other nodded and back and forth. They couldn’t have been more polar opposites on the outside. In other words, I couldn’t imagine them even holding a conversation, let alone sharing such delightful-ness that they were laughing out loud. At that moment I stopped Kali and her whining, “Baby girl, love every single person who enters your space.”

“What you say, mama?” She asked to repeat it. I did. She agreed that she loved everyone. Finally she quiet down and I took a deep breath.

The traffic light changed without movement. And then, the city bus stopped, covering my view of the two men. I figured they both got on. It moved on and the white man was left sitting on the bench. He looked happy, shaking his head and smiling alone. He was touched by something, whether it was humor, lightness, acceptance, or life.

This is humanity in moments when no one is looking. Life moves through us. It happens from us, not to us. We have the ability to touch another. We have the gift to love a stranger, regardless of social class, race, gender, or religion. We get to decide every single day what our superhero abilities can do for the world. It doesn’t have to be on a giant scale. You can just entertain another person on a bench waiting on a ride.

Those two souls changed my attitude in a few minutes without even knowing it.

Do good. Be good. Be kind. It takes a few seconds to smile and give another words of affirmation. Today it’s you being the generous giver. Tomorrow it might be your turn to receive. Life is definitely fluid and beautiful and you get to decide how it turns out.

Happy Day!