The Collective Consciousness 

New week. New slate. Let’s move away from ourselves and serve each other through kindness. Go meet new people. Listen to their stories. Go grab an adventure along with their smiles. This world is waiting for your greatness to connect to others and make a difference. That little problem you are obsessing about is stopping you from seeing the big picture. So today I am here to step away from me and move towards you. How can I be of service to YOU? And like this we pay love forward. Over and over creating a wave of delicious shift in consciousness.

Glitter the Hell out of someone 

Sweet sweet sweet darlings! Omg! Finally accomplished a huge challenge today. Wheeee! Every other week I go through the drive through teller window at my bank. There is an older woman teller who shouldn’t be working with the public as she has zero personality, poor soul. I keep glitter in my car (tools of being a fairyologist) and sometimes that glitter gets attached to papers, checks, and other places (giggles). Every time I deposit through her window she has this look of utter disgust. I can see her thoughts forming over her head like bubbles from a mean cartoon. 

So today I sprinkled a dosage of thick blue glitter. When she got the deposit slip and checks she looked up at me, raised her eyebrows as if saying, “bitch! Really?!” 

 I smiled at her, giggling like a mischievous fairy, and said, “If you smiled more, especially to me when I come by, I promise not to load it up with fairy dust! But it has to be genuine cause I know the difference!”  

She shook her head and continued doing her thing. But as she went to

put the deposit slip in the tray she looked at me and gave me the biggest (until that moment I didn’t know she was capable of smiling) grin ever. Yay! 

And that, darlings, is what a fairyologist does! We sprinkle and sparkle even if you don’t know how to. I will teach you what it feels like to be in freaking static yummilicious bubblelicious joyous kiddo. If you can’t laugh I will make sure you can learn it and open up your heart up to the wondrous moments in life. 

You are most welcome! My job is done!!!

Loving the Impossible

How do we love? How do we pick who to love? Is there such a guide to loving? I might not agree with someone’s views, opinions or way of life, but I do stand with an open heart. I have had exes who stole my heart and will continue to be loved by me. Our time came to an end and we learned and evolved. But, the love will always remain somewhere in a box close to heart. I’ve had friends who meant the world to me, inseparable, and time came and went and they are no longer in my life. But, when I think of them my heart smiles because they existed to fill a void, to love all parts of us, and to teach me forgiveness in me and them. And, with my own children, some have arrived deeply wounded and I have loved and had to let go. They are always loved. 
We don’t have to love with a heavy heart those who ruffle our feathers. We have to love with an opened one. That’s how we love. That’s how we connect to the divine. People and situations get placed in our path to evolve and better our higher selves. We deserve to acknowledge those parts of others and us. I love. You love. We all love one way or another. No two loves are the same. No two souls can match exactly. 
We love because that’s our job in this place. We love the impossible in different ways than the possible ones. We love with courage and vulnerability and the willingness to expose ourselves. We love with a burning emotion of overcoming anything. And, when we love from a place of truth, forgiveness, compassion, grace, and boundaries, there is no such thing as impossible.~m.a.p.


Hello loveys! Please be aware that Facebook, blogs and all other forms of social media become a window into people’s lives. It’s not the entire house or building. It’s a small window decorated for you to see whatever that person wants to show you. You cannot create an entire life based on those windows. Some views are negative and destructive. Others purely enlightening and refreshing. But, they are pieces of a whole. 

Your life is yours. You get to choose how you show up and express it. These windows are opportunities to give others hope, love and support. 

I’ve deleted many who didn’t lift me. I’ve blocked those windows that brought my energy to a whispering notion of UGHHHH! I come on to these little windows for daily inspirations. There is enough shit out there. The last thing I want is to fill my little brain with more of that. I’m all about the beauty of decorated windows. 

Let’s utilize these moments for teaching, motivating, inspiring, humor (oh, yes more laughter pls) and connecting through higher consciousness. 

I love you. But, also remember that when you look in my windows you are only seeing a small part of my whole. It’s not the full story of me. I am the most imperfect person I know. Don’t judge based on my unicorn and fairies. Have a blessed day.

Conversations Need Connections 

This afternoon I went to visit a sweet elderly man who is in hospice care. The last few times I’ve visited him he has been really down and quiet. He mumbled incoherently and I could only sit there and hold his hand. 

Not today! 

Today he was in his wheelchair in the hallway of the facility. He was clean shaven and perky. 

He doesn’t know me but he recognizes me. He knows that he knows me. 

I went to hug him and he smiled and said, “I’ve been waiting for you. Glad I’m on my break!”

Today he returned to when he had his bodyshop fixing cars eons ago. We shared details about Old Dodge Chargers and engines. I told him I miss the days when I could take apart a Holley (carburador). We shared about different parts: manifolds, plugs, and gaskets. His eyes sparkled. We spoke about engine sizes, torque, and drag racing. He lit up, sat up straighter and squeezed my hand in delight. Then he said he had been working on expanding his shop to bring in other types of business with the “old 50 engines!”

Right there I felt life moving through us both, connecting to stories of

Past and Present. His dementia allowed us to enter a time machine and return to a place of comfort, times when I also enjoyed taking things apart, and forgetting the reality that he’s sick. The reality that I will get a call soon and be informed that he has transition. But, Today we were just two friends meeting each other in a place of gratitude. 

My dear soul held my hand softly. He asked me to “behave” and not let anyone show me how to change a spark plug unless he was present. I promised. 

Conversations don’t need corrections. They just need connections. They need laughter and touches. They need to be felt. Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients have good days and bad ones. Allowing them to speak their illusions (which are their present truth) gives them power. I have no problem entertaining their words. I often fly with fairies and ride unicorns. Who am I to judge? 

Today was a great visit. Today I witnessed my sweet friend through a small window of hope and love. He’s teaching me so much in those moments of joy that don’t appear often these days. And I am forever blessed. Today he didn’t just hold my hands. He held my heart tightly in them. 

Live this moment, darlings! Make the most wonderful memories. One day these moments will appear and they should be full of joy and little regrets. They should tell sweet stories of a life lived with a pure open heart.

Moments of Reflections

Not too long ago Sunday’s meant work. They meant cleaning out a motel/retreat center all day long. They meant loads and loads of laundry. They meant exhaustion, isolation, and anxiety. Sunday’s became that one day a week that I dreaded to enter into every weekend. It never failed, it was that one day that also brought contemplation and lessons. In all that cleaning I reflected and often times dealt with issues that required sacred attention. With each person who checked out, I experienced their energy. Sometimes this was overwhelming. Other times it was the breath that finally exhaled after a busy weekend of holding it in making sure everything was wonderful for our guests. 
The hospitality business is magical because you get to meet folks from all over the world. It’s also depleting when you give so much of yourself 24/7. But, Sunday was the day that I began to breathe for the next five or so days.  

Today I woke to a quiet morning. Our little girl slept all night long, breaking the two-week run of interrupted sleep. Even when we don’t sleep I wouldn’t trade those other Sunday’s for the peace of knowing I can do whatever I want to today. I don’t have to be dressed at 6AM waiting for anyone to come to the door. I don’t have to leave the house. I am able to do whatever needs doing and whatever doesn’t require immediate attention to wait for another day.

We create our own imprisonments by the decisions we make in our lives: jobs, relationships, circumstances, obstacles, finances, family, etc. But, you get to decide how you react to those situations. You might not be able to change the circumstances at the moment, but you get to decide how you react and entertain those events. 



Sundays are sacred. 

They require you to prepare for another week, gather your thoughts, and rest. Make today magical. Make it a form of enjoyment that will be remembered. You are not required to fix anything about your life today. You are not expected to decide what to do tomorrow. Just be in the moment of NOW. Go Be in nature and recharge. Happy Sunday, darlings!!!!