Core of Existence

The greatest need in this human journey is being heard, acknowledged, and loved unconditionally. We want to know that we matter. We want to be understood even when we don’t agree with each other. Mostly, we want to know we are of importance in this world. We all have a legacy intertwining and connecting us in this breath of life. It isn’t driven by ego. It is compassion and empathy. No judgment, bigotry or intolerance can substitute this desire of humanity. It is supreme consciousness that moves us to this truth regardless of any belief system. The Divine asks that we honor one another and the way to do so is always through the grace of love and the awareness that we are here together…. I love you!

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Reason for Life


Yesterday I went to visit a sweet neighbor who has been a bit under the weather. As I was leaving, while opening up the front door he asked from his recliner, “Why are we here?”

Instinctively, without hesitation I held the door open and answered, “To love, be of service and learn for the highest evolution of our soul.”

He mumbled under his oxygen line, “That’s a load of crap!”

It stopped me. I was taken aback. How dare I give such an opinion when I could see he was struggling with a decent answer to the purpose of life.

I then added, “That is a really good question. It’s a powerful one.”

We said our goodbyes. I got in the car and felt a tug of disappointment in myself. I felt I owed him an apology. Who left me in charged of such a loaded question to answer so bluntly. I haven’t a clue. This is my belief but it can be completely wrong. He wanted the answer that has been constant in our existence. I could have said, “You know maybe we are the lab rats for a universal experiment. And, we are surely failing at that.” But that’s not my belief.

I don’t know if what I experienced was real when I had my near death experience. I don’t know if the things I see and feel are real either whenever I tap into conscious awareness through prayer, meditation or just sitting in nature. I don’t know what tricks the brain could be playing with me. I don’t know what faith really is in the scope of answers. I don’t know what anything is to be honest. But, I do know what I feel as my truth: there is something greater within us. There is an abstract force of nature that moves through love, kindness, compassion and service to humanity. I am following that which reaches into my core on a daily basis to exist in this world. I must. I have done the wondering and pondering of such extraordinary loaded questions. I don’t know for him. He is struggling with something of an existential crisis of faith. He’s had a lot happen to him. I do know this to be true and I admire his tenacity.

To be asked such a deep provoking question as I am leaving, wobbling with a hurt foot, pain shooting through my leg…I don’t know. I have to believe that the answer lies within each soul. What I believe to be real is my perception but not necessarily any one else’s reality. This is not a one-size-fits-all mentality. This is life and the purpose of it is personal and filled with secrets.

SO to my darling gentleman: I am so sorry for blurting out that answer without filtering its contents. You know I love you. I will be back to explore this further over coffee. I promise!

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Missing Parts


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Losing and Missing

Not everything
that’s missing
Is lost.

Things fall and break,
Shift and take,
bounce and stay

Like memories,
And life.

Not everything that’s lost
Gets missed

Like bad memories,
And heartache.

But losing and missing
The ability to let go,
To profoundly love,
To experience no regrets —
That’s avoiding
To live fully in the NOW.


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Fallen Tree

A giant tree fell in the forest

while it rained last night.

It didn’t ask the other trees

for permission,

or waited to be supported

by human hands,

but cautiously landed

without disturbing,

missing everything

in its path.

Its root system now salutes the sky

and I touch what’s left

from its existence

tampering the leftover energy

it held while living among

the forest

as decay starts to take place.

There is little grounding left

to what once was upright.

You are like the tree

falling over and never

allowing anyone to help

get you up.

You don’t ask for help

while desperately tipping

into your loneliness –

a dark forest of the unknown.

I sat on the edge of the bark

trying to find the spirit

from the tree’s energy.

I thought of you.

I want to be part of the ground

that supports the earth

around you

even through torrential downpours.

I want you to lean on me

when you feel you can’t hang

to faith,

as you silently disappear

into the woods of depression.

I exited the forest

clenching hope in my hands

praying that you will find me

leaning gently against you

even if we are worlds apart

from one another.

You are not a tree living

in an isolated world.

You are a child of the Divine

rooted into the earth

and all there is to learn

will come with surrendering

to the miracle of life.

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You are brave


I see courage and vulnerability every day. It passes by me in the supermarket aisle wearing a thin smile without a wig while holding a child. It holds a sign at the traffic light asking for money or shelter after serving this great nation. It has sat next to me at a doctor’s office quietly waiting for answers. It is the voice from a loved one saying that her mate passed on after a long battle with cancer. It is the child who has no parents and has been in foster care for years waiting for a family. I have visited with heroes and bravery from all walks of life whose tears leave scars as they fall down their cheeks. We are all brave and courageous. Each breath in life is a step full of courage. We are here surviving this race of humanity. Be kinder to one another. Open your heart to all that’s around you. Who cares what your political or religious beliefs are because in the end that matters to no one. The sick need love. The hurt need a shoulder. The test here is true empathy to one another without expectation. And…you need to remember that you are not alone in this fight for life. One day you are on top and another you are holding for dear life. Struggles are all part of our lessons. Whether you are black, white,yellow, gay, straight, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jewish, or a non-believer you will find yourself battling in this journey. You are not exempt from obstacles or challenges. You are not exempt from surviving or just merely existing. No one leaves here alive!

I am often asked what church I attend on Sundays. My answer is the church of nature and humanity. I don’t need to enter a temple to hear about God when all I do is see God walking around everywhere in each soul who passes me. We forget to look outside of the walls, the box, and truly notice the world. What good is entering sacredness for an hour one day a week to then turn away from every test the Divine places in my path? Nothing HUGE has to happen to be brave. Nothing extraordinary needs to shift in order to be vulnerable. Just getting up is a battle at times that requires every cell to remind us that we matter. So as you enter this Sunday morning with your beliefs, religious theologies and prayers please think of all those who have nothing but their own beliefs that they are making. Be brave enough to know that you aren’t alone. I love you. I love you because you and I are in this together no matter what! My arms are open to hold your struggle in thoughts and prayers from any place.

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