Another Phase


You Are Not Alone

There is nothing wrong with admitting

that at times

this is much to bear

and you must fall on your knees

to let it out,

in a sigh or a cry

because being alone is part of our existence.

All the materialism,

collection of people,

obsessions and addictions

cannot replace

or mend

that space you have

opened to Spirit –

the awed-nature awareness

that says, “Hello, look at me,”

when you feel deserted or forsaken.

Allow it. Surrender.

You are not alone.

This journey is existential in nature

and its path is lighted by sacredness.

Sometimes the ache is profound and it comes

deep from Greatness

while you say,

“Let it go. Make it go away.”

Beg, plead and negotiate.

It does no justice to that space,

to the ache from the beyond.

The heart knows nothing of negotiations;

it is driven by a vast and endless force.

Tell me what drives this alienation to such intensity.

Let me hold you and help you in your need.

You don’t need to be alone–

you are not alone.

I may be able to hold your hand,

make you smile,

and when I leave

the emptiness will visit again

until you don’t feel its desperate claws.

You will sit with it and love it

as you reach the beauty in yourself.

I cannot fix this.

You don’t need anyone

to try and mend the process of your rhythm.

This ache and withdrawal goes unnoticed by others

but it is there peeking,

poking, projecting and protruding

until it surfaces again and again.

Don’t question your faith.

Forgive yourself for anything and everything.

Question You and what You need to learn from it.

Then again,

don’t question a thing.

Let it subside on its own.

Be aware of any pain,

control, the illusion of separation

and dive into the wisdom it creates.

Be thankful for it

because it means

that you are alive.

It means you are never alone.

It means….you are filled with creation!


To all those moving through these times full of hurt and despair. Please reach out. You are not alone.

Overly Woo-Woo Alert

Okay, darlings, are you feeling the expansion? Sweats, heart racing, nasty headaches, nausea and some other body spasms?

The last 30 hours or so have been a programming of ups and downs full of lots of emotions. You aren’t going crazy. It’s not the holidays (although retrograde and this season intensify emotions at times). It’s some yummy intense energy in the esoteric realm pushing awareness and waking the body up.

And how do we grow? Through discomfort most of the time. It’s unfortunate but a true observation.

Allow for these discomforts to show up and move on. Don’t overdo it. Be gentle with your body. Be kind to your thoughts. Stop beating yourself up for what you’ve done or don’t do. It’s truly remarkable to be in your spiritual body and recognize that this is not real. You are a spectator of your movies and drama. Do not second guess yourself.

Please stay in the moment. Be present. Don’t let the energies overwhelm you with anxiety.

If you can’t sleep then read or meditate. Don’t punish yourself visiting the past or future. If you can’t be in your skin then try to take a walk in nature. Don’t avoid the feelings but don’t entertain them into harming you. This is not for you to try and control.

Allow. Detect. Reject. And make peace.

Now go hug your spirit. It’s working really really really hard this week trying to stay in this human chaos. The universe is always rigged in your favor so manifest what you desire.

I love you. Love yourself as well. Feel the blessings!