A Sweet Encounter

I was meeting a friend for dinner the other evening and as I was going in, a nice elderly man was coming out. He stopped for a second, holding on to his cane. He said, “You have two things going on with you today.”

I smiled not quite grasping where he was going with that.

“Your dress and your smile.”

I smiled wider, ear to ear. He smiled and I hugged him. I could smell his memories in an instant, his hand gently touching mine. I could feel his youth pouring out of his heart. I sensed a loss and sadness that, for a moment, it all brought tears to my eyes. No real exchange followed but a gratitude for his words.
I am great at handing out compliments, but it’s not always easy for me to receive, especially from a man.
The thing is that the moment he said it, about the smile, I felt a crack in my heart. I knew I reminded him of someone. I felt his heart beat against mine when I hugged him.

It was a brief encounter. The best ones usually are because they linger without pretenses. They are real and authentic.

You never know how you touch someone. You never know how one softhearted look can help another feel seen. And words… ah, those words full of kindness and love always reach the core of our existence.
I love you. Be gentle with you and spread that love like wild fire all around you.


(image from unsplash.com)


6 thoughts on “A Sweet Encounter

  1. Great meeting of the hearts Millie! Love moments such as those. They are so rewarding and their memory doesn’t fade as so many others do. Glad he spoke out of his heart to you. He needed to I think…Glad you were the one to receive it! Blessings to you….VK ❤

      1. Gabrielle

        Oh those magical moments…. they can only happen when our hearts are open.. magical things happen when our hearts are truly open .. so beautiful Millie!!!! 🥰
        I was feeling lonely yesterday so I made myself get up, get dressed and go out to an area that a couple of people suggested that I go fir good food, music and to just hang out. I asked Spirit to provide me with some fun people and to guide me to the right place. I ended up meeting these two great women whom I spent the evening with, whom introduced me to other great people, had a great time, shared wonderful thoughts, experiences and vowed to meet again and to become good friends…we hugged each other goodbye… Spirit always gives us what we need and desire exactly at the best time… you just have to believe and let Spirit guide you!!!
        There is much love and guidance available for us all.🥰

  2. Catherine Nilsson

    Love it1 Cat

    What would it be like, I wondered, to live with that heightened sensitivity to the lives given for ours? To consider the tree in the Kleenex, the algae in the toothpaste, the oaks in the floor, the grapes in the wine; to follow back the thread of life in everything and pay it respect? Once you start, it’s hard to stop, and you begin to feel yourself awash in gifts.” Robin Wall Kimmerer Braiding Sweetgrass

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