My Wish For You


My wish for you is to fall in love. Fall in love with yourself, darling, in a way that allows the illuminating light of love to shine onto others through the highest frequency. Fall madly in love with yourself in the way you fall in love with nature. Let the world be your lover. Be in love with the infinite universe. Radiate the presence of forgiveness, kindness, understanding, and compassion that’s always inside of you. I wish you to fall so profoundly that nothing will hurt you ever again when it pertains to a relationship: any type of love, not just a lover but a child, a parent, and a friend. You have learned that pain and disappointments are just experiences to teach you about the different facets of your soul. No one can give you what you do not already have in you for loving. You ARE your greatest love. Look in the mirror and watch the lover in you reflecting….
And with that love go out and change the world by your example. Be the lightworker, the dream maker, the wizard and fairy Godmother. Keep planting love even when all you see is hate. Cause, darling, love is the essence of all divinity in the cosmos. Love IS the reason we exist. You, me, us, and them…we get to decide how the world evolves.

Have a blessed day! Mucho love to you!

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