Second Chances for Life 

I woke up to the sound of a little girl calling for me and then hiding when I went into her room. Her giggles made me giggle. We sat and watched Sophia the First for a bit talking about dreams and tea parties.
As I sat her on my lap I began to recall this day three years ago. It was the day I recognized the real meaning of existence. I would like to share something profound but it isn’t available…just a “knowing” that we are the true essence of love. 

Life has a way of taking you to the edges and forcing you to fly without a parachute. I was born again on a snowy day in Asheville. For weeks and months I kept asking why I was given another chance. Months later we received this little bundle of joy that has me waking up giggling at times. At other times reminding that I haven’t a clue of what it is to partake in this Human Business. Cause isn’t that what makes us so interesting? The belief that we know things…but we don’t. 

Isn’t life gran? 

I am not that same person I was when I woke in the ER. I am not the same person I was last year. We are never ever the same people we were yesterday. We evolve. We move on. We allow dreams to take us to the places that require nudging. We are forced to let go and participate in challenges that make us better and stronger. At least I hope that is what you are allowing yourself to witness. I hope you are brave enough to follow those things that make you sing. I hope you are honest enough to forget those who you have allowed to stump your growth in moving forward. I hope you forgive the actors in your dramatic play, but mostly forgive yourself for being what you didn’t know. We are programmed from very young to believe what others tell us to believe. It’s your responsibility to take charge of You and only YOU. It’s time you step into your greatness without the traumas and victimization modes. 

This life is a precious commodity. It’s an outstanding privilege. 

I would never have imagined at that very moment of impact with death that I would be where I am today and those who have entered my existence, especially a pint size teacher who can belch out “Let it Go…Let it Go…” while mixing it with “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Have a blessed day. Birth yourself in the light of divinity. Recognize that forgiveness sets you free. YOU got this! You are the love that you keep waiting on. Stop putting your life on hold. It’s time to let go and fly.

Mucho love ~ Millie

14 thoughts on “Second Chances for Life 

  1. Exposed Loving

    I like so much what you said in this post. You said, “You are the love that you keep waiting on.” That resonated with me…deeply. Thank you for your words.

    1. Thank you kindly! You ARE always the love that you desire. You hold it within you at all times. We also tend to attract it in desperation but confirmation for others. I am so glad you resonated with this. I love when we get messages…mucho love to you.

  2. Exposed Loving

    You said,”We also tend to attract it in desperation but confirmation for others.” Could you explain this statement you made a little. Thank you.☺

    1. We attract the desperate need to be loved and sometimes in the wrong places. We aren’t happy with ourselves and we search endlessly and tenaciously love in others to show us who we are and what we are worth. But, ultimately it is in us. The moment we love and appreciate ourselves we then attract that which is worthy of our love in return.

      1. Exposed Loving

        I think it is possible for one to be happy with themselves – even love themselves and yet still seek to be loved for who they deeply are and the way that they love. Unfortunately, there are people who know the love that they have and want to give to be pure and precious (even with its imperfections) but they never encounter THE ONE to share this love with.

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