Preciousness of Life

Life is so precious. Cherish those you love. Do not take things for granted. We all have an expiration date and then we transcend into divine wisdom. But, while we are here tell those you care that you love them. Play more. Laugh often. Don’t wait till tomorrow for the things that matter. At the end of your life the degree you have won’t matter. The car you drive is not going to be on your mind. And, the house you live in is of no importance. No money will fix the finality of your legacy. You are who you are because of how you loved. What truly matters is the relationships and the love you gave in this earth. 

Go hug someone tightly. I have a friend who gives the best hugs in the world. When she holds you in her arms everything falls away. I have another whose laughter is so contagious that immediately you begin to laugh. And another friend knows exactly what to say at the perfect time without really being too verbal. 

You have people in your life who show you who you are. You have others who show you what you don’t care to become. Each person is there to give you a view of life. Don’t wait till the last breath to recognize what it is to be on this earth. You are light and love and laughter.

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