Make Fear an Inspiration


Time has a way of defining moments

and in the voice of fear

hear the words for

change and imagination.

In the sight of fear

make the world

a playground for your desires.

In the presence of fear

make it an inspiration

to create a new opportunity

that will mark a path

to a new life.

Don’t be paralyze by the unknown

but allow it to take your hand,

be your pull,

and fly with wings that angels

have provided

so you can soar above

every obstacle ahead.

Fear is false belief

of what you cannot control,

but with God on your side

there is no evidence of madness.

Discovering your strength

comes only in the obstacles of fear…

make it your inspiration

not your isolation.

6 thoughts on “Make Fear an Inspiration

  1. Reminder of another favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt…. Every single day, we should do at least one thing that scares us. ❤ It is not the jumping that sends us flying, but rather the unfurling such that the wind finds us.

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