Love is the answer

I have been raw. All day. Had to come home early from work. I’ve suffered from snot-dragging-make-up-down-the-face crying. Mascara leaving raccoon markings under my eyes weepiness. The ugly kind of cry that is best done in privacy. And in the midst of massaging the ache in my heart I took deep inhales full of self-love and kindness. I tried to not label the emotions but let them come and visit. Then I sent them off their path.

One of my favorite elderly folks transitioned last night. She wasn’t my client but I visited her often. My co-worker messaged me early to let me know since he knew how deeply I cared for her. She was precious. Her dementia progressed quickly and finally she let go.

I handle passings in a spiritual sense, viewing them with the acceptance that those souls have finally completed their tasks.

Her death was the catalyst to the tears. Her passing was the opening of dam. And so the waters rushed. They were hard at first and then soft. They were a vehicle to so much.

I have cried for the world. I’ve ached for humanity. I have sent out flames and beams of light around the globe. It isn’t enough.

But it’s all I have.

It’s all I can contribute. The empath of my soul has her own agenda when it comes to release. I sense it’s a way to heal from the collective. It’s a way to ground myself. I don’t have answers. I can only accept what works for me when it comes to loss and sorrow.

I share this because I want you to know you are not alone. You are feeling it all and taking it in through the manner that your soul knows best.

Don’t allow it to turn into anger or hate. Don’t allow it to consume you. Don’t shut yourself off. Don’t judge another because they don’t understand what’s happening. Don’t…don’t internalize it. Don’t analyze it either.

Just allow for the gifts it brings.

Because this means you love. It means you empathize. It means you want change. You are moved through humanitarian compassion. You are part of the solution. Yes! It means you are a lightworker ready to take your position in this world to heal. It means your ability to forgive helps others.

Love created this world from source. It is love that will also save it.

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