Rise Above It All

Many years ago I had a lot of money. In a matter of a day, right before 9/11 we lost it all. Millions. The stock market plunged. Our business also struggled after 9/11. There was no money or sources to pull from. At the time we were in the midst of building a new home and mortgaged my older one to the max.

I had an accident November of that year. I lost my memory. I was 33 years old but I woke up thinking I was 19. Six children and a partner were unrecognizable to me. I was devastated feeling like a stranger in my own house…a house I couldn’t conceive as mine. I felt as if I was in an alternate reality. Nothing made sense. The more people tried to tell me what and how I needed to feel, the angrier I became. My reality didn’t match up with what I was experiencing. I ended up in the psych ward of a horrible state hospital until they recognized that I was not crazy. I had amnesia from being whacked on the back of the head in a park. But since I didn’t know what had happened to me I couldn’t tell them how I lost my memory. I couldn’t remember a single event past the age of 19. Slowly the memories began to unfold. It took a long time. And, still I have no recollections of a lot of events from the past before the accident.

Let me tell you what happens when you have lost all that you know. You either give up or you fight to get back to a place of optimum security. You either die or live. There is no in-between. At the moment of pure desperation, heartache, and shock the ache will force you to choose.

I’m here to beg you to rise above it all, darling! Choose life. There is always a solution once you take accountability for your life and your story. Because that’s all it is: a story. It’s not permanent. It changes moment to moment.

Your story is created every second of the day. Don’t get stuck in victimization mode. Don’t blame another for your choices. You are responsible for you. Forgive and allow your soul to lead the way.

Please know you have folks who will help. Rise!!!! I believe in you. I know your struggle is real but your presence here is a miracle. ~m.a.p.

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