What I Offer

What can I offer you? What can I say that you have not heard from others? How will my words make a difference?

It’s frequency. It’s in the knowing that I am holding space when we meet or talk. It’s in feeling my love without judgment. It’s in reaching out to me and me returning the gift of you with extra sparkles.

I am you. We are mirrors. That’s all. I spent a large part of my life believing I was pretty invisible. I had nothing really to say that mattered. What could I possibly offer anyone?

Now that’s shifted. The old programming has melted with lots and lots of release. I had to work out my kinks and beliefs of worthlessness. I had to love me.

So…I offer me. I offer vulnerability, the essence of understanding, and the ability to love fully. I offer you empathy and acceptance regardless of what the world has told you that you are NOT.

I used to be that way too. I can promise you that you are magnificent. You are a masterpiece. You are here to learn and teach and love fully.

So what can I offer you?

A sparkly giddy reflection of you! I see you. I feel you. I am connected to you. I offer you love. And, darling, you are freaking yummilicious. ~m.a.p.

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